Is Winston Marshall Married To Wife Or Dating Girlfriend? Know His Net Worth

Winston Marshall is the banjoist and lead guitar player of a British rock band called Mumford and Sons. He is also a seasoned song writer. His full names are Winston Aubrey Aladar Marshall while his stage name is WN5TN. He is also nicknamed Country, a moniker that came as a result of his association of country music and the bluegrass music. Later, the nickname was dropped.

Winston Marshall Bio: Age, Parents, Siblings

Winston was born to parents Paul Marshall and Sabina Marshall in Wands worth, London. He has a sister named Giovanna. His father was British while his mother was French. He attended St. Paul School in London.

Winston celebrates his birthday on 7th December 1988, a Sagittarius whose astrological symbol is the archer. He is a British national and a white. His height and weight remains undisclosed.

Winston is one of those kids who completely veer off their parents’ career line. Despite his father being a successful businessman and philanthropist, he decided not to follow the steps and instead forged his way into success.

Winston Marshall Career Details

Winston became popular as a result of his music career. Initially, he ran a jam night in a small music club in Fulham. Here, musicians played mostly acoustic music with each other. Then, Winston was in a small band that used to play mostly bluegrass. It is while there that he earned the nickname ‘country’ with the other band members calling him Country Winston. He was an avid player of the banjo and the guitar.

In 2007, Mumford and Sons, the British folk rock band was born. It was founded by Winston and some of the guys he used to play with. The band was actually named after one of the founders, Marcus Mumford, who used to share an apartment with Winston. Others are Ben Lovett, Ted Dwane and Marshall. Through collaboration and hard work, the band released four albums, which became hit after hit. Their first album, Sigh No More ranked number two in the UK and the Billboard in US. Their following albums, Babel released in 2012 and Wilder Minds in 2015 went ahead to top the charts in both the UK and US. In addition, the band also released live albums.

The clear cut performances and exemplary music done by Mumford and Sons catapulted them to fame and wealth. The band became a sensation, numerous awards, with the coveted Grammy Award going to them. In 2013, the group won the Brit award as the best British group.

What Role Does Winston Play In Mumford And Sons?

Marshall is a package of skill, energy and prowess when it comes to music. He is an exemplary multi-instrumentalist – a banjo player who doubles up as the lead guitarist. He also takes up other roles such as being a backup vocalist, playing the bass guitar, the acoustic guitar – dobro, and the electric guitar.

Winston Marshall Net Worth

As is the case with most of the musicians, Winston makes an outstanding sum in salary and other benefits from the sale of albums, playing in night clubs and festivities, concerts, tours and appearance on television shows amongst others. The Guardian estimates that Winston plies at over $13 million in net worth. In 2015, he purchased a $3.2 apartment in New York City, a manifestation that the guy is real rich and still going. It is not clear if Winston has invested elsewhere. His wife, Dianna Agron, is also valued at about $4 million. This makes the couple financially stable and independent.

In addition, Winston comes from a wealth family. His father, Paul Marshall co-founded a hedge group that has grown over the years to command a sizable share in business. This, coupled with multiple investments brings his net worth to way above the $500 million mark. He also serves as a political adviser and writer.

Is Winston Marshall Married Or Dating Girlfriend?

Winston married Dianna Agron, who is an actress, in 2016. The two had been in a relationship dating back to July 2015, getting engaged towards the end of 2015 and later reciting the vows in Morocco on 15th, October 2016. Agron is valued at over $4million in net worth.

Earlier on, it had been rumored that Winston was dating singer and actress Katy Perry after the two met in Berlin in early 2015 where they had both gone on separate business, a rumor that is not sufficiently backed.

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