Is Wyatt Oleff Dating A Girlfriend? Know His Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Weight

The famous American actor, Wyatt Oleff has taken off in his career in the industry of television and will definitely be a star in the future! Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois on 13th of July 2003, aged 17, this popular kid has always dreamt of becoming an actor since the age of 5. He told his parents about his career goals since the very beginning and his parents supported him at all times. The family moved to Los Angeles for his father’s business when he was 7 years old, which got him his first commercial gig for a real estate agency named Coldwell Banker.

He currently resides in Pittsburgh. He loves Chicago, his birthplace, and according to him Chicago is the best city as he says in all his interviews.

Wyatt Oleff Career Details

He has been an actor since the start of the year 2012 and took guest roles in the initial phases in various series like Animal Practices, Suburgatory, and Scorpion, and also in Once Upon a time. In the year 2014, he got popular in larger audience for his role in the move by Marvel named Guardians of the Galaxy as Peter Quill. He played the same role in the movie’s sequel, which was released in 2017. He then played the role of Stanley Uris in the film version of Stephen King’s novel of IT. Presently, he took off in his career when he got the main role of Stanley Barber in the Netflix original series named “I am not okay with this”.

He has played the following parts in the following movies and TV shows:

  • As J.T in Someone Marry Barry, released in 2014
  • As Young Peter Quill in Guardians of Galaxy Vol1 (2014) and Vol2 (2017)
  • As Rocco in Crafty in 2015
  • As Stanley Uris in IT chapter 1 in 2017 as well as in chapter 2 in 2019
  • As Walker in The weight of perfection in 2019
  • As Sam in Oh, Sorry in 2019
  • As Young George in Animal Practice series
  • As Kevuel in Suburgatory series
  • As Byron in Shake it up series
  • As Stanley Barber in I am not okay with this
  • As Oliver Bobeck in Middle Age rage series
  • As Owen in Scorpion

Wyatt Oleff Net Worth

From playing the role of young version of the Star lord to the main role in the Netflix show, he has established a base for himself and a great reputation at an early stage! His current net worth as an actor is about 1 million dollars.

Wyatt Oleff Body Measurements

He has a good height of about 5 feet and 8 inches and weights 58 kg precisely. He is not that bulky and looks really good with those curly hairs!

Wyatt Oleff Family Details

He has had a very supportive family. His father, Doug Oleff, runs the business in his family. Her mother’s name is Jennifer Oleff. He also has two younger sisters and an elder brother name Elia Oleff. The family loves and have always stayed together. When his father had to move to Los Angeles because of his business, the whole family moved along with him and fortunately, Wyatt Oleff got his very first gig from there. Although he didn’t learn much in that gig but at least he got the knowledge on how interviews are.

Is Wyatt Oleff Dating A Girlfriend?

Wyatt Oleff is not that secretive about his personal life and enjoys the stardom. First there were rumors, but then the actor posted on his social media account about her girlfriend Erin. They seem to be in love and look happy by the posts. Is he gay? Not at all! You can see his social media accounts for the same.

This kid is definitely a future film star. With his phenomenal acting and cute face, he has won hearts of his followers. You can also see his social media accounts for regular updates of his life.

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