Is Yetide Badaki Single Or Dating Secretly? Know Her Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Education, Parents

Yetide Badaki is an American actress of Nigerian origin. She was well known for the role of Bilquis on Starz series American Gods. Yetide was born on September 24, 1981 and is 38 years old as in 2020. Yetide rose to the limelight in 2014 when she played the character Keira in the television series Sequestered.

Yetide Badaki Bio: Early Life, Parents, Education

While in England there was unrest in the family and eventually her parents got divorced when they were in the US and she was about to reach her teenage years. Her father worked at World Bank. She had performed exceptionally well at school and had a degree in English Literature from McGill University. At the Illinois State University she had decided to take up Theatre Studies instead of Political Science. But her parents did not accept it well. Thus her father and step-mother disowned her. Her parents especially her father did not want to watch American Gods due to the explicit scene depicting her. She started her career with the role of Naomi in Expiration.

At the age of three, she moved to England for three years and then went back to Nigeria to live for six years. She later settled in America at the age of twelve. She graduated from McGill University with a major in English Literature and minor in Environmental Science. She also gained a Master degree in Fine Arts in Theatre from Illinois State University and got the US citizenship in 2014. Getting citizenship was a tough journey for her. In words of Yetide,

People don’t realise how long it takes, how much money it takes. It took me three years. I was denied at one point, and had to appeal. I’ve been to grad school, I pride myself on my love of research, but reading that paperwork I thought if English wasn’t my first language, how the hell would I do this? It was tough – I got sent back home three times for interviews. I lost jobs because of it. There were lots of tears.

Yetide Badaki Career, Net Worth

She had also written a short film Hollwoodland, a replication of Alice in Wonderland. She was nominated for Best Actress in a key role for I Have Before Me a Remarkable Document Given to Me by a Young Lady from Rwanda. She earned a lot of acclaim for the role of Bilquis and the story was expanded for TV series. She played the character Chi Chi on This is US in 2018. She has an estimated net worth of $500000 in 2019.

Is Yetide Badaki Married, Dating Or Single?

Yetide is single at 38 years but recently shared a photograph with her co-star from American Gods. It would be difficult to believe that Yetide is single, given her beauty and charm. It seems like she keeps her personal life private and is more focussed on her profession. She had posters of her male friends although none of them were mentioned as her boyfriend. She loves to travel and hang out with friends during vacations.

She stands five feet four inches tall with a weight of 120 pounds, dark big eyes and full lips. The way she was represented as Bilquis with the hair styled in the form of a crown, earned praises from her fans. She usually dresses in loose robes, elegant dresses and heels.

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