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Isobel Yeung Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Isobel Yeung was born on 2nd day of November in the year 1986 in Salisbury, England. Her zodiac sign is Scorpio. She is a combination of two powerful traits i.e. China & England, ash her mother named Marguerite Yeung is English and father is Chinese, he belonged to Hong Kong.

Isobel Yeung Early Life And Education Details

Isobel has spent her childhood and youth in Salisbury with brother. She has been a middle child where she has an elder brother & a younger sister. She has been a bright student throughout the educational journey and studied till college named, University of Nottingham, in 2009. After which, she took up a profession of Journalist.

Isobel Yeung Career Details

Isobel was not clear about the career path and had no thought of what to do next, she went to China after completing her college to learn Chinese. There she started to explore opportunities and worked for various magazines and media channels. Along with the increasing graph of career, her fame was also increasing gradually which took her to contribute to English Language magazines published in China then. She is talented and multi-tasker also work for a television show “Tycoon Talk”. Seems like the only job she ever craved was to work with VICE HBO. After a decent success in career, she tried to share some of her stories with VICE HBO, where she was recognized and recruited by producer and relocated to the US and settled in New York.

She has been a predominant producer and air-correspondent on air and has produced many shows for their flagship on HBO. She has specialized in long-form content and interviews. She has gained fame in covering stories like gender discrimination and sexual consent in the US & abroad.

Since 2014, she is working as a British long-form documentary correspondent. Variety of stories has been covered by her which are of major concern to the general public such as, World conflict, terrorism, mass detention and genocide not only this, she has been reporting on issues in developing countries. She had worked profoundly beautiful and is awarded 2 Emmy Awards in 2019 for covering Yemeni Civil War and a Gracie Award was given to her in 2017 for working on Afghan Women’s Rights for VICE on HBO. Not only this, she has been in a list of America’s top 50 influential Women by Marie Claire in 2016.

Isobel Yeung Net Worth And Salary Details

Isobel has a net worth of around $500 thousand, in which her main source of income is her professional career. From her work alone, she is supposed to earn $40,018 to $113,777 annually.

Her constant growth and dedication towards the work have given her financial progress as well. She, being an influential figure, has kept her image clean enough to not get into any kind of rumours, scandals or controversies. She has been unbiased and straightforward in her professional as well as personal life.

Isobel Yeung Body Measurements

Isobel, the live instance of bold beauty with witty brain, looks stunning with 5.3 height, and 56 kg of weight. She has got dark brown eyes, light red hair and an hourglass figure. She seems to be fond of attire and her look the way she has given pose and trending clothes.

Isobel Yeung Dating History And Marriage Details

Being busy with an adventurous profession and spending time among different places and people, she got drowned into making her career and giving the remarkable performance, due to which she was never found to be in any relationships, though, it is seen that she is to have a strong bond with journalist Benjamin Zand, they met on one of the trips of Isobel to the Middle East. Benjamin Zand is a journalist with British – Iranian descent.


Isobel, along with being a prominent journalist, is also a good writer, who can pen down every bit of her coverage stories and try to spread the same the society. She has taken a risk on her life in many of her operations which shows she has been bold and strong enough to give all that it takes to make her work extraordinary. Isobel, the name is enough when the matter of balancing work and family life along with being an inspiration for women out there in the world. Her love for her profession has taken her to the heights where she has been incomparable to any other person in her work.

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