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Jack Cafferty a CNN commentator and occasional host of specials. He was born December 14 1942, in Illinois Chicago from Jean Cafferty and Tom Cafferty. he joined the situation room summer 2005 where he worked with Walt Blitzer, and he left CNN November 2012.

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Jack Cafferty Career Details

His career as host debuted in 1961, where he hosted children’s show at KOLO- TV in Reno, Nevada. He worked as the station’s production manager at KCRL-TV and at WDAF-TV on talk show called Cafferty and company in Kansas City Missouri. He became the weeknight co-anchor and later news director at WHO- TV in Des Moines, lowo. From 1977 to 1989 he worked to WNBC-TV in New York City as a weekend then evening co-anchor on the station’s 6:00 p.m. news hour. He later became co-anchor of WNBC-TV 5:00 p.m. weeknights newscast.

In 1999 he joined WNYW to anchor Fox Flagship station’s 7:00 p.m. news and Newsline New York. He joined CNN in 1998, summer 2005 he joined CNN’s weekday afternoon “the situation room” he co-anchored American morning at CNN, in 2006 he hosted a five-part miniseries on CNN titled Broken Government. During his career he earned some awards including Edward R. Murrow Award, Emmy Award and the New York associated press state Broadcasters award.
Alongside with his career as a host, he is also a book author, September 2007 his book “it’s getting ugly out there” was published, it was all about satirical critique of political and social issues. His second book is “now or never” it was published March 2009.

He supported the invasion of Iraq; he also criticized the way Bush’s administration used 9/11 event as an excuse to start a war on Iraq. His critics continues even after Bush was given the control of congress in the mid term election 2016. While we are talking about Cafferty’s critiques, he also made some critics about the interview made by CBS interviewing John McCain’s vice-presidential Nominee and Alaska’s Governor Sarah Palin saying it was “ disastrous Interview”

He has a history of alcoholism which he adopted under influence of his father, but he is a recovering alcoholism which he says he did and succeeded due to the effort of his wife. Today you can wake up and follow you routine but you have no clue of what will happen to you in the evening you just have some plans, mid-May 2003 he stroked a cyclist and knocked him off the bicycle and then drove off. He pleaded guilty for the accusations which were reckless driving, harassment and assault which he was charged with $250 and a sentence of 70 hours of community service.

Jack Cafferty Marriage Details

He married Carol Cafferty 1973, they have four children and five grandchildren, Jack is the resident of Cedar Grove in New Jersey and he has a net worth of $44 million, he has been married to Carol for 35 years until she died 2008 for unknown cause.

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