Jack Womack Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Jack Womack is a fiction writer who has a penchant for delivering content with a sharp edge. He continues to showcase 21st century anarchy within his work. Jack is committed to pointing out flaws within our world today and by using his writing as a vehicle for change which touches readers who have struggled. Womack tackles impactful subjects like racism and societal breakdown. Here are a few facts about him.

Jack Womack Bio: Age, Early Life, Parents

Jack Womack was born in Lexington, Kentucky on January 8th, 1956. He will be turning 65 in five days. In 1977, moved to New York City to propel his career forward. He still resides in New York City with his wife and daughter. Jack Womack has authored six fiction novels and one nonfiction novel. Jack Womack’s last interview was in 1995 since this author keeps to himself.

Jack Womack Career Details

Jack Womack has an extensive history of work within the New York City area. Starting with his work in publications with his novel “Ambient” in 1987 to his career as a managing editor in 1989. Womack’s novel history includes work such as:

  • Random Acts of Senseless Violence
  • Heathern
  • Terraplane
  • Elvissey
  • Going Going Gone
  • Let’s put the future behind us
  • Flying Saucers are real

Each of these works being described as ‘thrilling’ and ‘haunting’ masterpieces filled with grim satire. Womack’s most known work named “Let’s Put the Future Behind Us” is a 1990’s historical recall set in Moscow. The title of the book piqued the interest of many readers because it is ironical. How can we put the future behind us when it is ahead? Womack published his collection of UFO books titled, “Flying Saucers Are Real!” This was published in 2015 and is his most recent work.

Jack Womack works with Grove Atlantic who publishes his work. Jack Womack’s novels can be found on popular websites such as Amazon, goodreads.com and thriftbooks.com. His books have an average rating of four to five stars and can be purchased as eBooks, paperback, Kindle or Hardcover. The reviews of his books are positive and it’s clear that Womack’s work is appealing to a variety of readers.

Jack Womack Net Worth

American writers like Jack Womack have been growing steadily in networth over the years. It is estimated that Jack Womack is worth between 500,000 and 1 million American dollars as of 2020. An official statement of Jack Womack’s net worth hasn’t been released.

Jack Womack Marriage Details

Jack Womack keeps his dating history and marriage very private. However, we know that he is married with a daughter named Lily Womack. She is his only child.

Jack Womack Parents

Jack Womack is the son of his namesake, Jack Womack Sr. who is a lawyer within the social work field in an undisclosed location. Ann M. Truitt, a medical assistant, is Womack’s mother. Jack takes pride in keeping his personal life under the radar. Therefore, not much is known about his parents or his upbringing. It is not known if Jack has any siblings.

Jack Womack Body Measurements

Sixty-four-year-old Jack Womack is quite tall by societal standards at six feet, four inches. It is said that Jack weighs one hundred and ninety-six pounds. He is caucasian and often compared to Stephen King in appearance.

Jack Womack Cars And House

Jack Womack’s assets are unknown at this time.

Jack Womack Social Media Presence

Jack Womack joined Twitter in October 2008. He has 5227 followers and is following 182 people. You can check out Womack’s social media accounts by clicking on these links:

  • https://twitter.com/jwomack
  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_Womack

Fun Facts About Jack Womack

Jack Womack’s favourite food is barbeque and he often chooses it when it’s his turn to pick dinner. Jack Womack’s favourite colour is orange and his zodiac sign is Capricorn. Capricorn’s are said to be patient and successful in their career paths. This is certainly true for Jack Womack!

Jack Womack is a thrilling, and daring American author. Living in New York City with his wife and his only daughter, Womack writes politically driven pieces. This Kentucky born writer has had great success in his seven novels, surrounding near space themes. With his keen eye for societal collapse and his compassion for topics like racism, classism, and inequality, Womack is an author to look out for.

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