Jamie Gangel Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

In the year 1955, a couple in the United States in New York specifically received a precious gift. The gift was the birth of their daughter. They named her Jamie Sue. She was an ordinary child but make herself extraordinary throughout her career. Jamie Gangel is the name known by many. She is an American reporter who lives in Florida.She from a Jewish faith background. She studied at the famous Harvard University and also attended Georgetown University. She graduated with an international economics degree from Harvard University. She has been a special correspondent at CNN since 2015. She is among the best known and popular journalists.She is loved by many especially those who admire journalism work.

Jamie Gangel Body Measurements

Physically her height is 1.78 meters and her weight is 76 kilograms.

Jamie Gangel Husband

Her husband is Daniel Silva. He is from Michigan in the US. He is 59 years old and also a journalist by profession. He is an American based journalist. He is a man of many hats because he also adds up as an author. He has written books such as ‘The Order’ and ‘The New Girl’ among others.1998 is the year when they got married. The family resides in Florida.

Jamie Gangel Kids

Their union with Daniel Silva is blessed with two children. The two children are twins. They were born in December in the year 1994. The children’s names are Nicholas and Lily. They are graduates from Yale. They completed their studies in the year 2013.

Jamie Gangel Parents

Her parents were Phyllis Gangel her mother and the father was called Richard Gangel. Her mother was a Supreme Court Justice and her father as an investor.

Their relationship was not a bed of roses and they divorced when she was eleven months. Due to this separation, she has a stepmother and a stepdad. Their names are Roni Gangel and Jacob E Bernard. She has however shared very little about her parents and there is no existing information about her siblings.

Jamie Gangel Net Worth

In monetary terms, news has it that she earns a decent salary at CNN. She is valued at 800 million US dollars.

Jamie Gangel Career Details

Professionally Jamie Gangel is a news reporter where she was popularly referred to as a journalist. In 1978 her career commenced and majored in broad journalism.

She worked as an assignment editor wholeheartedly for Turkey television. The more she stayed in journalism her career kept on moving and growing this is because of exposure and experience. In WPLG TV year 1982, she was among the broadcasters where she was a substitute news anchor and always available for the general assignment which clearly indicated that she was flexible enough and was not limited to one job.

In 1963, She joined NBC News, Washington Dc where she worked as a general assignment and a political correspondent. In early 1992, she was a national correspondent for ‘Today’ show at NBC. After three decades, she retired from NBC.

She began her career on CNN in the year 2015 the month of August specifically.she has over two decades as ‘Today’ national correspondent. She has been well known for her interviews and features which are long format where she has profiled various people from presidents, celebrities, and common people who have done extraordinary things. In her profiling, she has covered sitting presidents like George Bush, Barack Obama, and Jimmy Carter. She has also people like Dick Cheney a vice president and other newsmakers who are prominent like Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, and the famous Donald Trump.

She also had exclusive interviews with different people from various fields such as Chief Justice William Rehnquist, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. In the arts industry, she interrogated Eric Clapton a rock legend, Arthur Miller, Courtney Love, 50 Cent, and Jimmy Carrey among others. In addition, she covered the Iran-Iraq war, the war between the centers, and the Nicaraguan government.

In 1984, she did a story on the presidential campaigns of Gary Hart, Jesse Jackson, and John Glenn. She also covered Olympics athletic stars. Her career has earned her various awards and recognitions.

Jamie Gangel Dating History, Marriage Details

She dated her present husband Daniel Silva for some time before they tied the knot. Information about her past boyfriends is not known to the media.

Jamie Gangel Cars And Houses

There is no clear mention of his favorite car or houses.


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