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The ‘Weather Queen’ Janice Dean is familiar for her updates about tornadoes, hurricanes and other petty or big weather issues. Her Fox news colleagues call her ‘The Weather Machine’.

Janice Dean works as the senior meteorologist of Fox News Channel. Something happened to her in 2005, which was quite unexpected.

Approximately 1 million to 5 million is the estimated salary. It is assumed that her net worth is about 4 million dollars. She took birth in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in May 1970. So she is 50 years old.

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Janice Dean Husband And Family Details

Dean tied her knot to her long time boyfriend Sean in 2007. He is a New York City Firefighter. He stood beside the love of his life in her worst days. In the same year, Janice decided to open up in public and help others to fight this disease.
Having her disease, there was a 2 percent chance for the newborn to develop the disease.

So taking up a bit risk, Don gave birth to her son Matthew in 2009. And her other son Theodore arrived on the earth in 2011.

The Shocking Truth About Janice Dean

As usual, she was working long hour with all her weather updates including hurricanes Dennis, Emily, Katrina etc. Suddenly she felt fatigue, numbness in certain body parts, and lost feeling in feet. But right then, she had no other choices to leave her busy schedule.

But the symptoms showed up again and again that made her so uncomfortable that she had to give it a second thought. Without any delay, she contacted her personal doctor, but primarily doctor could not detect anything. Rather, her physician suggested her to visit a neurologist.

And after that the shocking truth stroked. Our very dear Janice Dean was diagnosed with MS. This is an unpredictable and to some extent disabling immune-mediated abnormality of the central nervous system.

According to the Multiple Sclerosis Society, MS is the disease which affects almost 5, 00,000 people to the United States. Worldwide it attacks almost 2.3 million people.

In this disease, the immune system somehow attacks the nerve lining, leaving behind a lesion.

I had lesions on both my brain and spine,

Dean says.

The spinal tap fluid also showed the protein they look for in MS patients.

Unlike others, Janice used to think this was a disease for elders. She was surprised knowing that it affects people from 20-50. Moreover, women are prone to attack by the disease more than that of a man. She even envisioned herself in the wheelchair for the rest of her life.

Can Janice Dean Get Married wWith The Disease?

As she was unmarried, naturally this question come to her mind that can she lead a natural family life bearing this disease? Even she was afraid of continuing her career.

The Mentor

When she was messes-up with all this thinking, then a hero appeared in her life. It was one of his Fox News colleagues, Neil Cavuto. Who were not only the vice president but also an anchor and managing editor of Fox News Channel. He surprisingly got diagnosed with MS in 1997.

Feeling much better with His mentoring, Janice became confident again and decided to live with the disease happily. She started looking for a fine neurologist.

Covid-19 Took Life Of Her Family

Janice Dean’s father-in-law and mother-in-law passed away in this year for COVID-19. During this pandemic, they took their last breaths in a nursing home.

She and her husband could not even be there in their last days due to this pandemic. They both got affected and passed away within two weeks of each other having been apart.

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