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Jazz Jennings was born on October 6, 2000. She is an American YouTube personality, television personality, spokesmodel and LGBT-rights activist. Jazz, a boy who turned into a transgender girl is notable for being one of the youngest publicly documented people to be identified as a transgender.

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Jazz Jennings Early Life

When she was five years old, Jazz was diagnosed with gender disorder identity because even though she was said to be male, she looked like a female and exhibited feminine characteristics. Moreso, she preferred to be dressed as a female rather than a male. She was the youngest person to be diagnosed with such a disorder, but as soon as she could talk, she made it clear ‘she is a girl’ and had to be addressed as such.

Jazz explains her early life like this: Imagine a young boy who is interested in trucks and cars and playing in the mud. Then imagine that on all occasions his parents take him out in public, they parade him around in a pink ruffle dress with a parasol. The humiliation that boy would feel is exactly the same humiliation she felt having to wear plain shorts and a T-shirt. She thought why her parents, who loved her a lot could hope for, would force her to go through that kind of torture.
It wasn’t like her mom had never heard of someone being transgender. She had a general understanding of what it meant, as did her grandma Jacky. They never thought that a kid could know with so much certainty at such a young age. Jazzy’s mom took her to a paediatrician, who, after giving her a pretty concerned look, recommended to take her to a child psychologist. That was the first day she ever heard the word ‘transgender’.

Jazz Jennings Career Details

Jazz Jennings became popular as the star of TLC’s I Am Jazz, and as an advocate for the trans teen community. She was born male and later diagnosed with gender dysmorphia. So she had undergone gender transition to female.
“Jazz” was not the name given on her birth. Jazz’s birth name was Jared. “Jennings” is not the real last name of her family. Reports show that she decided to choose the name Jazz after her sister played the role of Princess Jasmine from Aladdin in a school play. Her mother Jeanette only started calling her Jazz, recently in 2015.
So many people attempt to destroy the purity of this child’s happiness with their stubborn hatred. She never gave up hope, yet they are still denied by the intolerance of society. Her heart beats with the gratifying rhythm of liberation yet numerous people prefer the trepidatious sound of fear or the unrelenting drum of cruelty. But the hope in her eyes and the love in her heart are confident that one day everyone is going to hear that alluring melody of freedom if we can all just wish for all people to smile in the way of that little girl.

This is the real-life story of a ‘girl’ who had accidentally been born into a ‘boy’’s body.

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