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Jeff Wittek Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

31-year-old Jeffrey R. Wittek, known to the world as Jeff Wittek, is a youtuber, podcaster, comedian, hairstylist, and actor. He has been very successful in his career and continues to be successful today.

Jeff Wittek Bio: Age, Early Life, Education, Parents,Childhood

Jeff Wittek was born on December 15, 1989 in Staten Island, New York. It was here that he went to Susan E. Wagner High School. His parents, as well as his siblings have been kept secret. However, it is known that he grew up in a very rough neighborhood. He allegedly made money as a teen by working in barbershops. He also sold drugs to bring in whatever money he could.

In 2011, Wittek was arrested at the age of 21 in Miami Florida on a possession charge. He also received an illegal drug trafficking charge. However, these charges were dismissed.

Jeff Wittek Career Details

In 2011, Jeff started his very first YouTube account. However, he became known for his Tumblr account. He started the account in 2012. The account was named “Behind the Cuts.” Here is where Jeff Wittek styled the hair of many celebrities.

2014 was the point when Wittek’s fame really increased. This is when he moved to a Hollywood apartment building that also housed other celebrities. Among these celebrities were Jake Paul.
In 2019, Jeff Wittek had gained a large amount of popularity. Because of this, he was able to become a brand ambassador for Old Spice.

Jeff was very badly injured in mid 2020. He was in Utah filming a stunt with the Vlog Squad when the incident happened. Wittek’s skull was allegedly fractured in nine places. He also had a number of other injuries. His left eye socket had been fractured. Both his hip as well as his foot was broken. There were also ligaments in his leg that were torn. Despite these injuries, he continued to film and did not address the injuries at all.

“Don’t Try This at Home” was released in early 2021. Five episodes from the show were set aside for Wittek to explain the extent and circumstances of his injuries. He described his recovery from the accident that was nearly fatal.

The footage of Jeff’s injuries was apparently too graphic for YouTube. However, Jeff made a Patreon account. His account received 37,000 injuries. This made him both the most followed, as well as the highest paid on that particular platform. You can view this video for a small fee.

Jeff Wittek Body Measurements

Jeff Wittek is a very athletic person. It is known that Jeff is 6 feet and 1 inch tall. He weighs around 180 pounds. Jeff lives a healthy lifestyle and keeps his body fit.

Jeff Wittek has both dark brown eyes and dark brown hair. He does not have any known tattoos. His shoe size is an 11 US.

Jeff Wittek Dating History And Marriage Details

Jeff Wittek says that he is currently single. However, he was in a relationship with Cierra Ramirez. The two met in a nightclub after they were introduced by a friend. Their relationship started in 2015. The couple’s relationship lasted for around three years. The reason for their breakup was the two were no longer able to make time for each other. They split up and began focusing on their careers.

According to Jeff. he has never been married. He also has no children as of 2021.
It is known that Jeff Wittek now resides in Los Angeles, California. It is unclear what type of car Wittek drives as of now.

Jeff Wittek Salary And Net Worth

It is known that Jeff Wittek makes an estimated $350 thousand every year just from his YouTube channel. However, this is only a piece of his salary. He has many other sources of income as well including selling his merch.

Jeff Wittek has an estimated net worth of one point five million dollars as of 2021.

Fun Facts About Jeff Wittek

  • Jeff Wittek has a dog named Nerf. Nerf has his very own Instagram account. Nef has over two thousand followers.
  • Jeff Wittek loves to be outdoors. Jeff is very adventurous and never misses a chance to get out and explore. Being outdoors is one of his favorite things to do.
  • Jeff Wittek has partnered with many celebrities such as Pauly D and Big Sean.

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