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Jeremy Diamond Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight, Nationality

Looking for a list of everyone who’s managed to get on Donald Trump’s bad side? It’s certain Jeremy Diamond ranks high up in the recent list.

The US President takes no prisoners when it comes to bamboozling and down-talking reporters, but Jeremy’s one of a kind.

This smart and young reporter of Canadian-American descent stands amongst the few to ever make a press conference uncomfortable for Trump in recent weeks amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Here’s every detail you need to know about him. Keep reading!

Jeremy Diamond Bio: Wiki, Age, Early Life

Jeremy Diamond is a Canadian – American journalist who currently works at CNN. Jeremy was born on January 15, 1990 in Forest Hill, TO, Canada. He’s currently 30.

Jeremy Diamond Education Details

Diamond attended the George Washington University where he graduated cum laude with a degree in International Affairs. Prior to attaining his degree, Diamond attended the French American School of New York up until his graduation in 2011.

Jeremy Diamond Career Details

Diamond has had a love for journalism since his high school days. He worked at his school newspaper before graduating.

It is also during his time at the French-American school that Jeremy became more conversant with three other languages, French, Hebrew, and Spanish.

He went further to work as a news editor for the George Washington Hatchet. During his time at the GW Hatchet, Jeremy became recognized for his excellent editorial prowess.
Such recognition earned Jeremy an award from the Institute on Political Journalism. He was also awarded by the College Media Association.

All this happened while Jeremy was in the university, and he took an intern role at CNN afterwards.

From 2014, Jeremy has remained among the top reporters at CNN with a lot of focus on US politics. Diamond was appointed to work at CNN politics for five months before taking up the network’s White House correspondent’s role.

He’s currently responsible for reporting events around the White House and Donald Trump’s administration.

During his time at the White House, Jeremy has been very outspoken when it comes to responses to Trump’s handling of several state issues, with the coronavirus pandemic being the latest.

Jeremy also spends some time reporting on gay rights matters in the US and is regarded as a frontrunner for LGBTQ+ related reports.

Jeremy Diamond Net Worth

Jeremy has been a journalist for more than half-a-decade. The talented reporter has made around $1.86 million dollars through his career till date, and when you look at his age and career prospects, he’s certainly going to earn a lot more in the future.

Jeremy Diamond Dating History

Jeremy has been dating Ali Vitali, an NBC White House reporter since late 2016. The duo still work at the White House as correspondents for their news networks.

Jeremy Diamond Girlfriend

Jeremy Diamond currently dates Ali Vitali, who’s also a reporter at the White House. Vitali works for the NBC and likely met Jeremy while covering events in the White House.

Jeremy Diamond Wife

Diamond doesn’t have a wife at the moment. There’s certainly a lot going on between Jeremy and his heartthrob, but they’ve not decided to tie the knot yet.

Jeremy Diamond Parents

Jeremy Diamond hasn’t provided any details concerning who his parents are. The only info we have is that he was born into a Canadian-American family.

Jeremy Diamond Kids

There’s no word on Jeremy Diamond having any children right now. A huge part of his personal life and family history aren’t known to the public.

Jeremy Diamond Body Measurements

Diamond has a bulky build which a lot of people find attractive. He measures 5’4” in height, but there’s no concrete info on the reporter’s complete body measurements.
The moment all his body stats are available, you’d get it right here.

Jeremy Diamond Cars And House

Jeremy Diamond keeps a good part of his personal life secret. Among what he manages to keep tightly under wraps are his car(s) and house(s).

If anything new pops up concerning Jeremy’s belongings, you’d be the first to know,

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