Jessica Yellin Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

A published author, esteemed American journalist, and founder of the fresh take #NewsNotNoise.on Instagram. Jessica Yellin has been described as ‘one of the most powerful women in America.’ Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Yellin made her most notable mark as White House Correspondent for CNN in Washington, D.C. Having grown up watching her father advocate for societal issues, and his renovation of urban sprawls, Jessica absorbed his passion and grew her successful career in domestic politics, writing, and media. Jessica Sage Yellin is a champion for women media diversity.

Jessica Yellin Bio: Age, Early Life, Education

Jessica Sage Yellin was born on February 25, 1971, in Los Angeles California. As a young child, Yellin attended St. Augustine-by-the-Sea elementary school located in Santa Monica, California.

As a youth, Jessica was accomplished and driven, becoming president of ‘The Westlake School for Girls’, graduating class. As well as pursuing her education at Harvard University and finishing Magna Cum Laude. Jessica Yellin currently serves a fellowship at the USC Annenberg Centre. A true pioneer for women’s rights, and equality in the media, Yellin works with women’s groups apart from the ‘Centre for Public Integrity Board of Directors’ as an advocate for diversity.

Jessica Yellin Career Details

Beginning her career as a correspondent for Good Morning America in 1975, Yellin quickly became a known broadcaster and a face on ABC News. In 1998, Jessica Sage Yellin covered general broadcasting for Central Florida News 13 and began earning larger stories, in 1999.

Jessica Yellin began reporting for the popular CNN as a political correspondent in 2007, she became a talented reporter focusing on political topics both local and national. Jessica Yellin’s major break came from ‘America’s Choice’ and the 2012 coverage of President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign. From 2011 to 2013, Jessica claimed the title of CNN’s ‘Chief White House Correspondent’. The talented journalist was honoured with interviews such as President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. As well as Presidents Bill Clinton, and George H. W.Bush.

Although her media history is large, Jessica made a name for herself with her book ‘Savage News’ published in 2019. Yellin describes working in the news media sector while female in this New York Times best-seller.

Jessica Yellin Net Worth

Jessica Yellin, the Emmy-winning American journalist, and the author has an estimated net worth of 5.5 million dollars. Her official salary has not been released but is assumed to be growing with each year. Yellin gives to charity at every chance she gets, is has said to be a philanthropist.

Jessica Yellin Marriage Details

Jessica Yellin is self-described as a “workaholic”, due to this it is said Yellin is currently single. Jessica has not been recorded dating, or courting and is dedicated to her work as an award-winning journalist.

Jessica Yellin Kids

There is no record of Jessica Sage Yelling having children.

Jessica Yellin Parents

Jessica Sage Yellin was born to Jewish parents, Ira Yellin and Adele Yellin. Ira Yellin is a prominent figure in the Los Angeles real estate and remodelling scene. Ira is a past member of the American Jewish Committee. Jessica Yellin has one brother, Seth Yellin. Adele Yellin was a homemaker and support in Jessica’s life, Adele was a former head of the Grand Central Market.

Jessica Yellin Body Measurements

Jessica Yellin is a youthful-looking woman. She is 5 feet even, with a weight of 121lbs. She credits her body type to fitness, and her outdoorsy lifestyle, her body measurements are 33-26-39 Inches. Yellin is a beautiful woman with bright blonde hair and green eyes. Coming of Jewish descent, Jessica Yellin practices and is a studier of Judaism.

Jessica Yellin Cars And Houses

Jessica Yellin’s assets are unknown at this moment.


Jessica Yellin is a talented horseback rider, she often rides with her immediate family for hunting trips.

Jessica Sage Yellin, a hard-hitting journalist, a White House correspondent, and a dedicated “workaholic” has made her parents proud of her extensive career. Yellin fights for women’s rights in media diversity and utilizes social media to her advantage. She is the creator of #NewsNotNoise and the published author of ‘Savage News’. A non-fiction biography of female journalism. Jessica is a studier of Judaism and a political dynamo. She is highly influenced by her father’s career and an American feminist icon.

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