Jim Rome Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Body Measurements, Education

James Phillip Rome, professionally known as Jim Rome, is an American radio personality – journalist, presenter, screenwriter and actor. He hosts talk shows that are syndicated on CBS Sports Radio and CBS Sports Network. Jim has been mentioned as one of the respected voices in the world, as sports broadcasting is concerned. Jim Rome may have an aggressive approach to sport matters, but his shows are always one of the best to tune in to for informative analysis of sport matters. Yes, Jim Rome provides his fans and athletes with information about the things happening behind the scene – things way beyond the scoreboard!

Jim Rome’s syndicated radio program, The Jim Rome show, is aired on more than 200 radio stations every weekday across USA and Canada, and with over 2,000,000 listeners.

Jim Rome Bio: Age, Ethnicity, Family History

James Phillip Rome was born in Tarzana, Los Angeles, California on the 14th of October, 1964 – he is about 56 years old now.

Jim Rome is an American by ethnicity and was born in Los Angeles, California. He was born to Jay Rome, father and Jan Rome, mother in 1964. There is no much information about his parents and other siblings, if he as other siblings though.

Jim Rome Body Measurements

Jim Rome weighs 65kg. (143lbs.) and has a height of about 1.75m. or 175cm. (5ft. 7in.) – he’s both tall and slim.

Jim Rome Education Details

James Rome attended the Calabasas High School, Calabasas, CA and finished in the year 1982. He continued with his education at UCSB – University of California, Santa Barbara, California and bagged a degree in Communications in the year 1987.

Rome was said to be very unwilling to attend school because he enjoyed being in the studio for radio programs over school.

Jim Rome Career Details And Achievements

At the start of his career, right from his college days, Jim Rome would handle programs on campus radio KCSB-FM as the sports director. He also worked at news station KTMS situated in Santa Barbara. Later, he moved to XTRA Sports 960 situated in San Diego. He also anchored The Jim Rome (also known as The Jungle) Show, which was eventually syndicated in the year 1996, making it possible for it to be aired on more than 200 radio stations across USA and Canada. He released the Welcome to the Jungle album in 1998, which featured notable soundbites and music from The Jim Rome Show. He also hosted the Jim Rome Is Burning (initially known as Rome is Burning) Show, which was aired on ESPN before he parted ways with ESPN.

Finally, Rome had the opportunity to work with ESPN again. In 2005, Jim Rome made the announcement that his Jim Rome Show would still be aired on terrestrial radio and would not be transferred to satellite radio.

Rome also decided to invest some money into his hobby of horse racing and that has contributed to a measurable degree to his accumulated wealth and net worth. In 2012, Jim Rome acquired 14 thoroughbred horses and came to be the most fruitful mare and won more than $1,700,000.

Jim have also made brief appearances in movies and TV programs, like Space Jam, Two for the Money, The Longest Yard (2005 edition), The F World, hosted the memorial service for the late Patrick Daniel Tallman.

The Jim Rome Show has been listed as the 21st most listened to radio show across the United States. Also, the Talkers Magazine has ranked Jim as one of the first 100 most influential personality as radio talks and shows are concerned.

Jim Rome Marriage Details

Jim Rome got married to his wife, Janet Nauman on the 19th of July, 1997 and the two have 2 children, Jake Rome and Logan Rome. The entire family lives in Irvine, California.

Jim Rome  Social Media Presence

For a man of Jim Rome’s caliber, activities on social media is kind of essential! Jim can be easily connected with on his social media accounts. On his official Facebook account, he has over 247,000 followers; 42,000 followers on Instagram and a whopping 1,350,000 followers on Twitter.

Jim Rome Salary And Net Worth

Jim earns $15,000,000 annual salary from his radio station shows. He also earns quite a decent amount of income from his horse racing investment. Therefore, the net worth of Jim Rome, according to a source, was $75,000,000 in the year 2019.

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