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John Robert Bolton Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

John Robert Bolton was born in Baltimore, Maryland on November 20 1948. He is an American, attorney, diplomat, Republican consultant and a political commentator. He was the son of Virginia Clara a housewife and Edward Jackson Bolton a fireman. He won a scholarship to the McDonogh School, he graduated in 1966. He attended Yale University earning a B.A and graduated as a Summa cum laude in 1970.

He was a member of the Yale Political Union, he attended Yale Law School that he shared the classes with his friend from 1971 – 1974 earning a J.D in 1974. He was a summer intern for Spiro Agnew.

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John Robert Bolton Career Details

He supported the Vietnamese war but did not participating in the combat through a student deferment followed by enlisting in the Maryland Air National Guard. In 1970 he enlisted in the Maryland Army National Guard which he served for four years then served in the United States Army Reserve until his enlistment ended two years later.

He was an associate in the Washington DC office of Covington and Burling from 1974 – 1981 and then returned from 1983 – 1985. He was also a partner in a law firm from 1993 – 1999 then became an ‘of counsel’ of Kirkland and Ellis law firm from 2008 – 2018 in their Washington DC office.
He served as the United States Assistant Attorney General for President Ronald Reagan from 1985 – 1989. This position required him to advance President Reagans administration.

He also served as the Under Secretary of State Arms Control and International Security Affairs from 2001 to 2005. He was sworn in to this position on May 11, 2001 and his key responsibilities were the prevention of the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. He also negotiated ‘Article 98’ so as to prohibit the sending of Americans to the International Criminal Court.

In 2002 he gave out a speech called ‘Beyond the Axis of Evil’ which he as responding to President George W Bush referring to North Korea, Iran and Iraq as the ‘Axis of Evil’ and he further added Cuba, Libya and Syria to the group. He said these countries sponsored terrorists and could pursue weapons of mass destruction or have the capability to do so in violation of their treaty obligations.

On March 2005 he was nominated for the position of United States Ambassador of the United Nations by President George W. Bush. He had to be reelected because of Democrats having an issue with the motion. Although his nomination received a lot of support from Republicans he also received heavy opposition from the Democrats which led him to step down as he was unlikely to win.

He criticized Hillary Clinton who was the Secretary of State for faking a concussion to avoid testifying before the Congress regarding the attack of the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya. He says ‘ When you don’t want to attend a meeting or an event or a conference you have a diplomatic illness, and this is a diplomatic illness.’

Bolton was then appointed for the role of United States National Security Advisor replacing the previously appointed H. R. Mcmaster on April 2018. During his first week in office he requested and obtained resignations from multiple National Security Council members. He also planned to merge National Security Council and Homeland Security Council.

He also pushed President Trump to revoke the Iran Nuclear Deal which Trump did a month later. He also criticized ICC and their means of ruling saying they lack checks and exercise jurisdiction on cases that have disputed and ambiguous definition and fail to deter and punish atrocity crimes.
On September 2019, Bolton submitted his resignation to president Trump after Trump tweeted that Bolton’s services were no longer needed.

He wrote a book with the title ‘The Room Where it Happened’ about his term under the Trump administration. The Trump Justice Department attempted to halt the publication of the book.

Bolton’s attorney declared that the White House was delaying the review of the book as it contained high and harsh criticism of Trump and his administration from being released in the 2020 elections campaign.

John Robert Bolton Personal Life

John Bolton married Christine Bolton in 1972 but divorced in 1983. He later married Gretchen Smith Bolton in 1986 and they had a daughter called Jennifer.

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