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Joseph Yun is renowned for his praiseworthy efforts as the Ambassador of the United Nations. He played a keen role in managing and supervising the mutual relation of the United Nations with Asian countries including Japan and Malaysia. He has served as a deputy assistant secretary for the affairs of Asian countries and as a special spokesperson of the United States for North Korea. Now, he is dealing with the global relations of countries. Let’s shed some light on his background and professional development.

Joseph Yun Bio: Age, Early Life, Parents

Joseph Yun is a South Korean by birth, he was born in the year 1964, in the beautiful city of Seoul, during his childhood he left South Korea with his father who was a doctor, and his services are affiliated with World Health Organizations. The names of his parents are not available to the public.

Joseph Yun Education Details

After sifting to the United Kingdom, Joseph got an education from the middle school located over there, and in the year 1976, he achieved his bachelor’s degree from Cardiff University. He did his postgraduation from the London School of Economics and the University of Wales and completed his master’s in philosophy and science.

Joseph Yun Career Details

Joseph Yun started his profession as a senior economist for Data Resources Income in Lexington, Massachusetts. Afterward in the year 1985, he joined the foreign service of the United Nations that leads to a turning point in his career, with his untiring efforts and notable performance he was sent to Bangkok where he was appointed as an economic counselor in the embassy of the United States. He also became a part of various tours in Indonesia, Paris, Seoul, and Hong Kong.

He worked tirelessly and was appointed on the post of senior advisor for South Korea and later become the in charge of political affairs between State and Korea. In 2009, he came back to Washington to work in Maritime Asia’s office as a director, here within two years of his ambitious approach made him the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Bureau. This post made him worked for the welfare of Myanmar and its relationship with the United States, he maintained terms with the democratic leader of Burma and established the role of the United Nations in the summit conference.

He was the cornerstone of the salient connection between Malaysia and the United States. He worked for establishing trade and economic relation of Malaysia with the United States, and maintain the path which marked the first visit of Malaysia by the president of the United States in 2014. His efforts led to the agreement related to economy, education, and trade between both countries.

After this, he was chosen for the prime role as a special representative of the United Nations in North Korea, with his diligent efforts and work he bridge the gap between States and North Korea and maintain their association.

Right now, he is giving his splendid services to the Asia Group as their senior advisor and is appreciated for his role in the United Nations. He is also an analyst of global affairs and supervises security and economic developments.

Joseph Yun Awards And Recognitions

He was giving credit for his commendable services by awards and recognition. He was honored with the award of President Meritorious services along with three awards of superior honor. For his efforts to maintain foreign relations he was awarded nine times from the United States.

Joseph Yun Dating History And Marriage Details

Joseph met his wife Dr. Melanie Billings in the London school of economics during his master’s and got married in the year 1977. His wife is a business consultant and author and together they have a son named Matthew.

Fun Facts About Joseph Yun

  • Joseph Yun is quadrilingual, he has command over Korean, English, French, and Indonesian.

Joseph Yun Net Worth

Joseph Yun has led a very successful career and this does not doubt his financial stability. However, his estimated net worth is not available to the public now.

Joseph Yun Body Measurements

Yun’s body measurements are as well not available to the public now.

Joseph Yun Social Media Presence

Ambassador Joseph Yun is not very active on social media. His Twitter handle has only about 33 followers with only one retweet on his timeline.

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