Judge Jeanine Pirro Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Jeanine Pirro is a woman that wears many hats. She is a TV show host, a judge, a prosecutor, a legal analyst, an author and a politician. She was also the first female judge elected as a republican to Westchester County, New York. Jeanine is a Republican known for supporting President Donald Trump in 2016. In fact, she is allies with the president. She has written five books, two of which are crime novels. Jeanine got a lot of media attention for her work as chair of the New York State Commission on Domestic Violence Fatalities. Judge Jeanine was destined for a great political career but came tumbling down after her husband’s scandal. In her book, ‘Liars, Leakers and Liberals’, she defends President Trump sighting that mainstream media is lying, is hateful and has a vendetta against the president.

Jeanine Pirro Age, Height, Ethnicity And Nationality

Born in 1951 in Elmira, New York, the youthful glow she carries may confuse you. There are some rumors that she underwent cosmetic surgery. Jeanine Pirro is only 69 years old and stands at an elegant 5’6 feet. The American national is of Lebanese ethnicity born to Esther Awad Ferris and Nasser Ferris. Her father was a salesperson and her mother a model at a department store. Judge Jeanine has one other sibling named Lulu.

Jeanine Pirro Family Details

Jeanine Pirro was married to Albert Pirro in 1975 but divorced in 2013 following a rocky marriage that sent her husband to prison for 29 months for alleged tax evasion while he was at the same time committing extra-marital affairs, which led to an illegitimate daughter who is unnamed. This caused the couple to live apart from 2007 before their divorce papers signed in 2013 to finally dissolve the union. Jeanine and Albert Pirro had two children, Christi Pirro and Alexander Pirro. Christi Pirro took after her mother. She is now a certified lawyer working at Kirkland and Ellis LLP. Christi is married to Zak Schwarzman.

Jeanine Pirro Social Media Presence

You would expect that the judge is an old school kind of judge but on the contrary, she is very active on her socials with up to 2.3 million followers on Facebook, over 550K followers on Instagram and over 1 million followers on Twitter.

Jeanine Pirro Net Worth And Media Career

Jeanine Pirro graduated from the Albany Law School of Union University with a Juris Doctor Degree and proceeded to become a lawyer by profession and therefore the reason why she hosts Justice with Judge Jeanine preceding which she had attained a degree in arts at the University at Buffalo. After her graduation, she began her career in law working as an Assistant District Attorney at Westchester County in New York. After working for two years at the law firm, Judge Jeanine appointed to Chief of Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Bureau. In 1993, she became the first female judge elected to Westchester County, New York.

Her media career began in 2006 on Fox News where she hosted the famous Judge Jeanine Pirro. She has also hosted Larry King Live, Geraldo at Large, the Morning Show with Mike and Juliet, the Today Show, the Joy Behar, the Emmy Award winning Justice with Judge Jeanine and a legal analyst on Fox News Legal. Given her background and career path, Jeanine Pirro’s net worth as of 2018 stands at 5 million dollars according to Celebrity Net Worth.

In 2015, Jeanine Pirro received a lot of backlash for a number of islamophobic comments she made. In 2019, while on Fox News, the judge made radical comments while on air. Despite the fact that she has continually retained President Donald Trump’s support, social media was unforgiving while Fox News strongly condemned the remarks, suspending Ms. Pirro for two weeks. She however has a viewership of over 2 million per episode. During an interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News, Jeanine Pirro stated referring to refugees from the Middle East, that, “It is insane. It is insanity. But when we’ve got these guys beating their wives, you’ve got domestic violence, you’ve got them hating gays, and we are going to bring them into this country. We think they are going to assimilate. They are not.”

Jeanine Ferris Pirro continues her broadcasts from home following the Corona Virus Disease pandemic. Despite her radical opinions, the judge does a great job on women’s rights, domestic violence and carries traits from her mother to fight for herself.

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