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Arkeisha Antoinette Knight, or as she is commonly known Kash Doll, was born the 14th Mars of 1992 in Detroit and she is a rapper.

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Kash Doll Career Details

Kash Doll performed in local clubs at schools and did charity events at the beginning of her career. Later on, she signed a deal with a local records company in Detroit that in the end did not work out. She began using social media and Instagram where she would upload short videos of herself rapping and so Drake found her video and invited her to open a show for him in the Summer Sixteen tour in Detroit, that was when her career picked up.

One of her first hits was the remixed version of Tinashe’s Single “2 On” in 2015. After that, in the same year, “Run Me My Money” was released and it went viral.

In 2017, she appeared in “So Good” a single by Big Sean and Metro Boomin.

One year later, in 2018 she released an EP called “The Vault” on streaming platforms. And the video’s song “For Everybody” hit over 10 million views on YouTube. In that year, the day of her birthday, she released a mixtape called “Brat Mail” which she decided to dedicate to her fans, she calls them Bratz. In August she finally signed a record deal with Republic Records, the first single was “Ice me Out”.

2019 was a brilliant year in the career of the artist. She released “Hustla” that talks about her experience working at strip clubs, the idea was to raise awareness. Her next single was titled “Kitten” featuring Lil Wayne. She was invited by Iggy Azalea to her single “Fuck it up” on that year as well. She closed that year being an opening performer for Meek Mill’s 2019 The Motivation Tour.

The artist had to stop her tour because of the COVID-19 pandemic, in a video she said: “Corona, aka Coco, I don’t like her,” Kash Doll admits mid-video. “She came and she just stopped my tour, she’s stopping everything.” However, the artist is keeping positive while taking us inside her mornings via the KashCam.

Kash Doll Personal life And Dating History

She has been dating an executive South African, all the information the media has is that his name is Eric. Rumor has it that he owns two weed dispensaries and a trucking company.

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