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Katie Beasley is a famous media personality that was born in April 13, 1989 in Georgia, United States of America. She is someone who is engaged in different activities like reporting for television programs, hosting and journalism. She gained popularity as a traffic reporter on FOX 5. Before Beasley not enough attention was paid to traffic reporting. But Beasley succeeded in showing that the reporting of traffic is not just an isolated event bout of a general significance which have a huge impact on our lives. She has a witty style of presentation which never bores the audience of the kind of content that is being conveyed through her reporting.

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Katie Beasley Bio: Age, Early Life, Parents

Aside from the fact that, Beasley is born from her father David Beasley and her mother Tammy Beasley, not much is known about her past. Also, not much is known about her early life and how she came to join the media. Among the little information that is available about her past, it is said that even in middle school she was already actively engaged in the media. She regularly participated in extracurricular activities and even in middle school was doing reporting on her school’s activities on a regular basis. Still it was during her studies in university of Georgia and her studies into broadcast news journalism that Beasley got to showcase her talent and acquire the necessary skills which are needed for her career as a journalist. Here she was able to have the required knowledge that is going to allow her excel in the world of journalism.

Katie Beasley Career Details

The first job that Beasley secured after graduation was working as a co-anchor in NEWS 12 in Georgia. At the time, this was seen as a huge achievement since rather than starting at lower positions like most reporters she was introduced into the highest league of media journalism. She succeeded at such a position eventually receiving several awards like the Georgia Associated Press Award. This is a coveted price that is given to those journalists that excelled at their professions and have also managed to make a huge impact on the life of their community.

After this, looking at her success, FOX 5 presented her with an opportunity to work on the traffic news. She gladly accepted such a position which would soon elevate her into a huge national audience from different walks of life. The success on such a program would lead her to managing Sky Fox Traffic on the same channel. Beasley attained the highest fame with such a position and still enjoys a high popularity.

Although she is not content in making her private life known to the media, the little evidence that is found suggests that she is married to John Milliner and have a daughter and a son. It is said that Milliner is not someone that is engaged in the world of the media and is engaged in the profession of educational consulting. The names of their daughter and son are not known to the public.

Besides her work as a journalist, Beasley is someone that works on awareness creation on issues like depression, anxiety and societal disorder. This is something that is inspired by the life of those who were closer to her. One of the tragic events that she faced is losing her brother to suicide. Such a tragic experience would have an enormous impact on her life. It made her aware of the problems associated with depression and she eventually devoted her time to creating awareness on the issue.

Katie Beasley Net Worth

When it comes to her lifestyle, Beasley so far has managed to amass a net worth of $400, 000. The source of her wealth is through her salary and the work that she has done on different shows throughout the years.

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