Katrina Adams Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Tennis is a famous game and people love this sport. In the big hall of fame of tennis players, Katrina Adams is a name that you’ll surely find. Her excellent winnings in matches has won the hearts of many fans and made her one of the best female players in the world. This article is all about her early life, fame, career and many other facts that you surely didn’t know about her before.

Katrina Adams Bio: Age And Early Life

Ms Adams was born on August 5, 1968 in Illinois, California United States to Adams family. Her Father’s name was James Adams and her mother’s name Yvonne Adams. She belongs to a African American family.

Katrina Adams Career Details

Katrina was only at the tender age of six when she joined the tennis program on Chicago’s West Side. From there, her tennis career started and she flourished in the sport. In 1987, when she was in Northwestern University, she won the National Collegiate Athletic Association double title with Diane Donnelly. She was also voted for All-American 2 times.

Katrina turned pro in 1988. She continued playing and soon earned seven out of twenty double titles from the years (1987-1996). She also won the 1988 World Doubles Championships with Zina Garrison.

The former African American tennis player also played the famous tournaments both singles and doubles of Australian Open, Us Open, Wimbledon and French Open and made remarkable scores during the matches.

From 1996-1997 she won the annual WTA Player Service Award two times.

After playing tennis for 25 years, Katrina declared retirement and now lives in Bradenton, Florida White Plains, New York United States.

Interesting Facts About Katrina Adams

Katrina is a right-handed player.

Her height is us 5’5.

Retired in 1999.

CEO of the United States Tennis Association.

Since 2003, she has been a television commentator for the sport she plays (tennis).

A contributor to the CBS Sports Network panel of all-female sports called We Need To Talk.

She’s an executive director of the Harlem Junior Tennis and Education Program.

Back in 2015, she became the president of the United States Tennis Association.

She’s the first to African American to be a president in the long history of the organization.

She also serves at the International Tennis Hall Of Fame.

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