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Kenneth Jarecke Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Kenneth Jarecke is an American journalist, photographer, author, editor and war reporter.
He became popular for taking a photograph of burnt helpless solider of Iraq (published in The Observer, March,10,1991). He is also known for covering nine Olympics Games and first Gulf War. He also worked as photographer in White House. He is also famous for his travel in more than 80 countries for his professional work.

Kenneth Jarecke Family Background

Born 1963, in Fairfax, Missouri, is eldest son of Melissa and Bernard Jarecke (total 4 children).
He was passionate about photography since his childhood, he used to make pictures from his father’s personal camera. Some say that he left football because of his interest in photography. He spent most of his childhood in Nebraska state. He graduated from William Jennings Bryan Senior High in 1981. He then joined University of Nebraska Omaha, where he met Souad (Syrian immigrant and a businessman), later became her wife. They have four children and currently resides on a ranch in Montana.

Kenneth Jarecke Career Details

He started his career by covering sports for Associated press when he was still a student. Jarecke moved to New York City to fulfil his desire of becoming a photojournalist. As a young boy, Jarecke landed in New York with no extraordinary experience. He worked for some time to gain some experience. He also met David Burnett and Robert Pledge of Contact Press Images at a workshop. He was also hired by Life magazine.

Jarecke became a founding member of Contact Press Images. He travelled much during American presidential campaign (1987-88) and was most published photographer of 1988.

Then, he joined The Time as a contract photographer. For his extraordinary work he was nominated for “Emerging Photographer Award”.

After that, he wrote brilliant stories on different issues of New York city like environmental crises and health/medical issues etc. One of his stories on New York city, “The Rotting of the Big Apple” which included different dramatic pictures, had attracted everyone throughout the world because of his sarcastic coverage to highlight the issues of metropolitan.

During 1991, while his travel to Saudi Arabia, he spent some time with U.S Army. He took a photograph of burnt helpless Iraqi young solider (whose expressions were telling that he was desiring for life) due to extreme bombing of U.S Army but U.S Media refused to published it because it was not the reasonable to publish it at war time but this story was highlighted in French and British publications and became famous everywhere. Therefore, U.S Media had to publish it. This made him popular throughout the world and he was awarded by “Leica Medal of Excellence”.

He is also known for his travel across more than 80 countries and covering nine Olympics games since 1989 but his notable work is the photograph of solider during first Gulf War.

He also worked as a photographer in White House during presidentship of Ronald Reagan.
In 1996, he left TIME to become a contract photographer at U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT and worked there for ten years.

Jarecke continues to s cover stories like the underground militia movement, the U.S./Mexico border, the state of public-school education, the quality of care in HMOs, and turmoil in the Middle East.

Kenneth Jarecke Net Worth

The exact net worth of Kenneth Jarecke is still unknown but we have estimated that it is somehow between $1million-5million (USD).

No doubt, he is successful and highly rewarded photojournalist of USA therefore, he is rich (his net worth is might be higher than the given estimate).

Fun Facts About Kenneth Jarecke

  • According to our research, there is no clear evidence about his date of birth, few thinks it may be 23rd February but according to Wikipedia, it is 9th May 1963.
  • According to our estimate his height is approx. 5 feet and 9 inches.
  • He is currently living martial life and currently he is not dating anyone.
  • There is also no clear-cut evidence of his religion.
  • He loves to watch football.
  • His zodiac sign is Pisces.

Kenneth Jarecke Famous Writings

  • Jarecke, Kenneth; Cervenka, Exene. Just Another War (1st ed.).
  • Jarecke, Kenneth. Husker Game Day 2010 – Farewell Big 12 (1st ed.).

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