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Kevin Scott Richardson was born on October 3, 1971 in Lexington Kentucky, United State. He is a white male singer, songwriter, composer, actor and model. He is well known as a member of the Backstreet Boys. He is 6 feet and one inch tall, he weighs 78 kilograms, his hair color is black and eye color is grey. His nicknames are Train, Boo and Pumpkin. He lives in Los Angeles, California US with his family. He has many followers in his social media platform, Instagram @kevinscottrichardson he has 835.6 thousands and he is following 129 people, twitter @kevinrichardson has 327.9k followers and following 109 people.

Kevin Scott Richardson Family Details

His mother is Ann C who was a homemaker, his dad was Jerald Wayne Richardson Sr he was an outdoor man and handy man he died in August 26 1991 after two years of battling colon cancer. He has two older brothers one of which is a model Jerald Wyne Jr and Tim.

Like his father he spent most of his childhood outdoors and he participated in sport which led him in joining football in Estill County High School where he graduated in 1989. After he graduated from high school he spent his time in a farm, he was confused between joining the army and pursuing his talent, he later went to his friend Jimmy who helped him get employment as a cast member and performer at Disney World. He acted as Aladdin, also acted as one of the Teenage Mutant ninja Tuttle’s, Prince Eric among others. He at night did dinner theatre.

Kevin Scott Richardson Career Details

At a very young age he participated in community and school theatre and he also sang in church choir at the age of 9 years he started playing piano and soon after he started entertaining people in clubs and other events. He participated in many talent shows in high school where he sang alongside his classmates. He rose into fame after his cousin introduced him to Kentucky Music Hall he was also a member of vocal group by the name Backstreet Boys from 1993, he also joined Bravo All Stars group. He uses various music instruments including vocals, piano and keyboard which he started playing at a very young age. He writes and plays pop music including dance pop, teen pop, pop rock and adult contemporary. He is famous for songs like” As Long as You Love ME” and “I will never Break Your Heart”. His first Album was Backstreet Boys released in May 1996, he later left Backstreet Boys and rejoined his bandmates on stage in Hollywood Palladium Los Angeles. He later in July 1, 2011 rejoined Backstreet Boys on stage in 2009 he starred his first TV movie Christian drama Love Takes Wing. As part of solo career he composed the sound track of animated movie The Spirit Bear. First film was a comedy drama film My Girl others include Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Arthur, Fear Factor, This Is the End among others.

First television show comedy game show series. He received award for Best Actor after he performed in The Casserole Club at Vision Fest in New York City in 2011.He has modeled for Versace among others he is also a brand ambassador for TAG Heuer.

Kevin Scott Richardson Dating History And Marriage Details

He is a faithful and committed married man and a father to two kids. His wife’s name is Kirstin Kay Willits who is a dancer, actress, photographer and a model and the last born in a family of three kids. She appeared in Back street Boys song I’ll never break your heart. They met in June 1992 when they were both acting for Disney World where Kevin acted Aladdin and Kirstin acted Beauty and the Beast. Their engagement was announced on MTV in February 2000 and they later got married on June the same year. They had problems getting the second baby since Kirstin had fertility problems which she talks about in 2015’S Pushing Motherhood. They were blessed with two boys Mason Frey born in July 2007 and Maxwell Hazer born in July 2013. He has not dated any other lady after his marriage.

Kevin Scott Richardson Net Worth

He is a very hardworking man and having a family responsibility his net worth is increasing. His net worth is $40 million dollars as of now.

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