Know the link between Diabetes and Hemoglobin

Hemoglobin is known to be the molecule protein which is responsible in red blood cells that is responsible in carrying oxygen from the lung to the other parts of the body. It is important because it is through hemoglobin that the oxygen in the blood is carried out through the body.

We will discuss on the link that is there between the hemoglobin and the diabetes. In most cases when we take in food our bodies the body extract sugar or even sugar that it is later used for energy.

It end up in the blood streams and there after it is transferred to the rest often body. Sometimes in the bloodstream some sugar may enter and in the process be attached to the hemoglobin on the red blood cell and it can stay there for three moths

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In most cases some of the levels of the sugar may increase in the blood stream. If a higher amount of sugar attaches to the bloodstream this is what happens. In most cases when a person consume a higher level of sugar one ma experience the following health problems in the following pat of the body;

  • Feet
  • Heart
  • Blood vessels
  • Eyes
  • Nerves
  • Kidney

It is very important for diabetes management thus most diabetes patients are always prescribes with the daily glucose test. In most cases the results may vary because the snap shot of the level of glucose in the blood stream will measure only at that moment but after an hour it may change.

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Hemoglobin A1c is a test used for accurate results. Through measuring of the amount of glucose which is attached to the hemoglobin over the red blood cells life thus it gives a longer view of the glucose level which is about three month.

The American Diabetes Association consider this test to be a gold standards which determines the long term level of glucose in the bloodstreems.The test gives the doctor a good idea on how the blood sugar can be easily control over time however it is not that accurate.

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In most cases the A1c level is usually below 5.7 percent, 6.5 percent or above and with the results it shows that a person has diabetes. From 5.7 to 6.4 percent it shows that he or she is pre-diabetes levels. In order for monitoration the diabetes should take the A1c at least twice per pear.

Further when the results of the A1c is done and one is in an early stage some small change of life style may change which will help in reversing diabetes test results and making a big difference. It will include doing exercise and losing weight can help a lot with the diabetes level.

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