Kristina Sunshine Jung Bio, Net Worth, Father George Jung, Mother Mirtha Jung

Kristina Sunshine Jung is the daughter of George Jung, who is one of the most notorious drug dealers worldwide. Her mother, Mirtha Jung, divorced her father when Kristina was a young girl. She became popular when she worked in a movie depicting her father’s criminal days as a drug dealer.

Kristina Sunshine Jung Bio: Age, Early Life, Parents

Kristina Sunshine Jung was born on1st August 1978. She was born into a drug dealer family. Her father, George Jung, was a drug cartel leader who sold and used drugs daily. When Kristina was a child, her father used to be in prison for drug-related cases. On the other hand, her mother, Mirtha Jung, was not muchinvolved in such cases. She was also a drug user, and mostly, she was under the influence of hard drugs, which she easily accessed because of her husband. She was so involved in the drugs that she was even get arrested and judged for being found in possession of drugs.

Therefore, Kristina Jung suffered from a young age. Her parents separated when she was just three years old, and she went away to live with her mother, and her life was not better with her mother due to her mother’scurrent state. She, therefore, grew up away from her father. Her maternal grandparents Fredrick Jung and Ermine Jung played a vital role in her growth as they often send her gifts, including clothing,which they organized for her after school holidays when her parents were in jail.

So, Kristina Sunshine Jung grew up with a good relationship fostered between her and her grandparents. When her grandfather died, Marie Jung, her aunt, took care of her until 1987, when shereached the age of 18.

Kristina has appeared in a movie with her father. The movie shows her father’s aura as a drug dealer in the 1980s. The movie’s name is “Bow” and features Kristina Jung and his father, George Jung, in the lead role.

The movie revolts around the times of George Jung as one of the biggest drug cartels in the USA and how he manages histime trying to balance between taking care of his daughter and business. The movie ends sadly with George declaring his undying love for her daughter while in prison in a desire that he should have spent more time with her. George hinted thathe had spent seven years in prison, and his daughter never visited herin that period.

The Current Relationship Between Kristina Sunshine Jung And Father George Jung

In the movie, the relationship between Kristina Jung and her father is a tense one as Kristina never visitedher father while in prison. However, is this the truth in a real-life scenario?
After George Jung was released from prison in June 2014 federal prison, he has made many efforts to reconcile and reuniting with his daughter. He hasbeenspeaking with his daughter, and it has been confirmed that their process of reconciliation even began when George was still in prison.

As it stands now, these two have successfully reconciled, and they have been seen sharing lime moments publicly. The two have been seen attending functions togetheras well. In her Instagram account, Kristina Jung wishes her father a “happy birthday” as he turned 74 recently. The father and daughter have also opened a business together based on a clothing brand named Bg Apparel. Itsmerchandiseis managed by both of them.

Kristina Sunshine Jung Career Details

Kristina Sunshine Jung, in her Facebook post, has declared that she is a poet. However, she never published any known poem. She also claims to be an author, and recently she posted onherFacebookpageabout writing a biography on her mother, Mirtha Jung. The book on the development of the story will be released soon, according To Kristina Jung.

Kristina Jung had also tried her hand in acting during the shooting of a movie based on her father when he was in the drug business. She did take part in the shoot. However, when the scripted work was sent to Warner Bros Company for verification, her scenes were never included in the actual movie because of the request by the federal government. Moreover, the scenes can be found in the DVD version of the movie.

Currently, Kristina Jung has devoted most of her time working in her business that she established with her fatheras soon as he was released from jail. She oversees the sales and is the overall manager of the business brand BG Apparel and Merchandise.

Kristina Sunshine Jung Marriage Details With Children

Kristina Jung, who is 39 years old, has kept her married life a secret. However, she was married to Romain Karan, and the couple was blessed with children. Although we cannot confirm whether they are still together, they had children, and one of them a daughter named Athena Romina Karan. Other children remained unknown.

Kristina Sunlight Jung has lived in theUnited States all her life. For most of part of her life, she lived in California in the suburbs, which include Concord, San Mateo, Millbrae, Napa, Pittsburg, and Walnut Creek.

Quick Facts Aabout Kristina Sunshine Jung

  • Kristina Jung is not an ordinary person. However, she is not a model or anything related to that which could capture the attention of the media. She is the daughter of the American most notorious drug baron in the 1970s and 1980s. Her father, George Jung, was the Americas most notorious drug cartel who controlled about 85% of drugs that entered America in the1970s and 1980s.
  • It is also noted that her father has been a regular visitor in American prisons since when Kristina Jung was justan infant. Kristina often saw less of herfather when she was a small girl because George Jung, her father, was often found in business or in run away from cops who sought to have him alienated. Her father spent a considerable amount of time in jail, and he was just released in 2014 after more than twenty years in prison.
  • Kristina also appeared briefly in the movie called The Blow, which was acted about her father as a drug trafficker. The movie depicts his father’s role as a most wanted drug trafficker in the USA and his time spent in prisonin which she played the role of the daughter of a drug baron.
  • Kristina Jung’s net worth is also another fact that people need to know. She inherited most of his father’s money and resources after his father was arrested, and her net worth is considerably enormous. Though it has not been confirmed, her net worth is estimated to be $ 400000.
  • Kristina Jung’s mother was also a drug Junkie. She was addicted to drugs, and her considerable amount of time was spent on drugs. The fact that her father was the source supplier might have contributed to her mother’s active and indulgence in drugs.
  • Kristina Jung’s parents separated when she was just three; misfortunes marked her life as her parents separated when she was just a child. As a result, Kristina did not receive the parental love and guidance that she should get at her age.Her maternal parents played a crucial role in her growth; in most cases, when both of her parents were arrested or being hunted by the police, she used to receive gifts and holiday reservations from her grandparents. In that case, she grew up in constant connection to her grandparents, and she has often been described as being in love with them.

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