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Kye Kelley Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Kye Kelley is thirty- five years old famous racer of streetcars, known by the name of his car “Shocker”. He is also admired for his television appearance in the program “Street Outlaws” which is a reality show. He was born in a poor family in Mississippi, United States, and had faced several ups and downs in his life. His love for car racing blossomed in childhood and he has worked very hard to fulfill his dream of car racing. He is a superstar for the people who love cars and car racing. Let’s dig more into his married life, career achievement, and assets.

Kye Kelley Dating History And Marriage Details With Kids

Kye Kellye was married to his girlfriend Alisa Mote who is a nurse by profession from the year 2015 to 2017. However, this marriage lasted for only two years, and bid goodbye to each other, the couple is blessed with a daughter named Kanadeigh Alexa. Resources claimed that he was married to an unknown girl before this, but nothing confirms this news. Currently, Kye Kelley is in a relationship with his fellow car racing driver, Lizzy Musi i. She is the daughter of the iconic engine manufacturer Kelley is one of those celebrities who like to lay low about their commitments, but due to circulating rumors about his dating life, he indulged people and confirmed his relationship with Lizzy through Facebook.

Kye Kelley Career Details

The success in his racing career is associated with immense struggle, He started his early education in a school in his hometown and managed to avail a partial scholarship for higher studies after completing high school. He has switched many parts time jobs during his studies to manage his financial load and support his family. Despite all these hurdles his passion for car racing never burn out, he started car racing even before claiming a driving license, at the age of fifteen, he managed to buy his first car by saving money from milking cows and carrying groceries for others.

After high school, he began working in a refinery of oil where he progressed to the level of a superintendent with diligence. But with all the responsibilities on his shoulders, he never stops practicing for street racing, later he initiated his shop” Down South Performance “with one of a friend. During his racing career, he has defeated many famous names in car racing and sparkled like a gem in the world of street racing. He bought his most favorite car Shocker in the year 2012 which is a modified version of the Chevy Camaro, with the hard work he slowly transformed his car and armed it with the latest technology and the most powerful engine. Currently, he is the leader of a renowned car racing group.

Kye Kelley Net Worth

His untiring determination has made him the owner of a net worth of $500,000 which he has earned through his unbeatable racing skills and amazing performance in the reality TV show “Street Outlaws” which is loved and appreciated by the audience. According to sources, he was paid $150.000 annually for his appearance in the show.

Kye Kelley is a true inspiration for all the people who strive to achieve great things in life and are not born with a silver spoon. His sportsmanship and passion crowned him his position of leader in the world of street racing. His life story can motivate anyone to move forward and fulfill their goals.

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