Lamar Odom Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight, Married, Wife

Lamar Joseph Odom is a native of Amaerica. He is a famous celebrity because he is a professional basketball player. He is a person with positive mindset and helping nature. He always played unselfishly and showed the true team spirit in various matches. He is an ideal for alot many young players. He was found to be drugist during his difficult times, but his will power brought him out from that hell.

Lamar Odom Bio: Wiki, Age, Early Life

Lamar Joseph Odom was born on November 6,1979 in South Jamaica, Queens, New York City. His parents Joe Odom and Cathy Mercer left him un-naturally as a responsibility to his grandmother Midred Mercer. His mother died painfully from colon-cancer when Josheph was only 12 yeard old and his father was a heroin addict. He is working as per the last words of her mother, she asked Joseph to Be nice to everybody.

He never stuck to one school or college because of he was weak in studies. During his initial 3 years of schooling, Odom visited Christ the King Regional High School in Middle Village, Queens. He left this school because of his poor grades during the starting years of his senior classes but this was not the last left school, Odom then was admitted to Redemption Christian Academy in Troy, New York. He left this academy too and entered to St. Thomas Aquinas High School (New Name) in New New Britain, Connecticut. Here he started his basketball training under Jerry DeGregorio. In 1997, Odom being a senior was recognised as The Parade Player of the year. He was also awarded as USA Today All USA First Team Honors. He played with AAU team as future NBA teammates, who were later known as Metta World, Elton Brand and Ron Artest. With Kobr Bryant of Futurr Lakers, Odom also played at Adidas ABCD Camp here the executive of Adidas commented on Odom as $2 Million Smile.

Lamar Odom Career Details

He consulted Kobe Bryant, who himself jumped directly to NBA after highs school. But latter Odom felt that he was not ready to join University of Navada at Las Vegas. During all this, Odom was also questioned about the validity of the ACT score. He was also arrested for suplicating prostitution, these incidents were proved to be the big reasons for school in order to invalidate Odom’s scholarship and thus he never played for Running Rebels. After a hard encury and investigation by NCAA, it was found that Odom received a large amount of $5,600 illegally. This illegal amount received by Odom created a big panic for the University’s presteage as well as the coach Bill Bayno and UNLV were kept on the trail for next 4 years. This made Odom to be transferred to University of Rhode Island. Here Odom played his First Season and gained 17.6 points per game and made Rams to the Conference Championship. He was awarded as first team all-conference honors. He was also named as the Atlantic 10 Rookie of the year.

He was selected by Los Angeles Clippers and played well. He got the name as 2000 NBA All-Rookie First Team. After his 2002-2003 season, The Miami Heat gave him an offer to join their team. Odom played for Miami Heat for one season and than got traded for Los Angeles Lakers for 2003-2011. During the contract with Los Angeles Lakers, Odom took a break from basketball at the off-season when one of his close cousin was murdered. The next day when he was coming back from his cousin’s funeral, Odom meet an accident with SUV where a teenager was killed.

In 2011-2012, shifted his contract to Dallas Mavericks while he had never been to one group for long. In 2012, Odom was traded back to Los Angeles Clippers just for a single season. Next year on February 18, 2014 Odom joined Laboral Kutxa Baskonia but played only 2 games. On April 16,2014, Odom signed with New York’s Knicks but did not appeared in any match and on July,11,2014 was waived from the team. In 2018, Odom took a comeback and tried to sign with Chinese Basketball Association but found and proved unfit by the faculty, after awards Odom joined Philippine Club Mighty Group. He is currently with the same Mighty Group upto now(2020).

He participated in Summer Olympics in 2004 in Athens representing US National Team and got a bronze medal. But due to his son’s death in 2006 and shoulder injury in 2007, Odom refused to represent the nation. He was back invited for 2010 FIBA World Championship organised in Istanbul, Turkey. Odom participated in 2010 and won a gold after 1994 for US.

Lamar Odom Net Worth

It is said that the total net worth of this famous basketball player is around $30 Million.

Lamar Odom Body Measurements

Height- 6feet and 10inches
Weight- 104kg
Eye color- Brown
Hair color- Bald

Lamar Odom Parents

Parents- Mother: Cathy Mercer
Father: Joe Odom

Lamar Odom Marriage Details With Kids

Relationship- Odom is now engaged with a personal trainer Sabrina Parr.
Girlfriend- Sabrina Parr
Marraige- Odom was married to a television star Khloe since 2009 but they get separated in 2016. Now he is engaged with a personal trainer whon he meet in a night party.
Wife- Khloe Kardashian(2009-2016)
Children- Destiny
Lamar Jr.

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