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Lee Norris Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Body Measurements

Lee Norris became an unfortunate victim of the meme influenced social media. In 2016 a photo of Lee along with musician Chanel west Coast was viral and led to a rumor that affected the career of Lee to a great extent, extent to which he was accused to be a transgender. Internet is a very helpful platform for a celebrity’s career but it can also be a reason of a celebrity’s downfall too.

Is Lee Norris Transgender?

Chanel West Coast, the Been on rapper, is the alleged doppelganger of Lee Norris and there is no doubt about that. The “Boy meets the world” star looks very similar to his doppelganger though there is no blood relation between the two. There is no idea of the origin of the meme but it did attract various interesting responses fro everyone who had seen it.

Chanel sportingly reacted to the meme saying, “I got news for all these dumb sites posting that ad saying I’m transgender and used to be Minkus…you got a BIG lawsuit coming your way lol… “. Everyone had there fun viewing and sharing this meme. But Norris has not yet chosen to respond at the social media. Although hoping he and his wife had a laugh after getting to know about the meme.

Lee Norris Marriage Details

It was already 5 years to the marriage of the couple before this rumor floated on the internet. Little did the internet knew about Lee and Andrea the meme trend wouldn’t have been much fun, since the couple understands each other very well and such rumors clearly doesn’t affect them.

The couple together hosted a show “Married with Television” in 2017 and has continued doing so since then. Moreover, looking at all the aspects the “One tree Hill” fame Lee Norris undoubtedly is man enough to be called a Transgender. The couple might soon have a child and start a family.

Lee Norris Bio: Age, Family, Early Life

Born in 1981, Lee was brought up in Greenville, North Carolina at the Family home. Not much is known about his family, many fans believe that his family ad relatives must be very well disciplined and Lee must have had a very cozy early life. Most of them believe because of his “soft guy” personality on screen.

Lee Norris completed his graduation from the Wake Forest University and went on to grab his first role in The Torkelsons, a sitcom from the 1990s.

Lee Norris Career Details

Lee made a breakthrough after entertaining fans as Stuart Minkus for six seasons, in Boy meets the World, which was the ABC’s hit series which was broadcast in the years 1993 to 1998. Lee further convinced his fans about acting skills when he played Marvin “Mouth” McFadden in the series One Tree Hill, very much favored by teens. The Walking dead, American Gothic, Dawson’s creek are some of the other shows of Norris which did not had more of his screen time.

Lee Norris also have made his impact on the big screens after he made his appearances in Gone Girl, Surf School, Zodiac. It is seen that he most of the times was seen comfortable working with director David Fincher.

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