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Leesa Clarke Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary

Leesa Clarke is a journalist, anchor, reality star, model, author born in Australia. She was born in July 2, 1985. She joined University of Missouri where she graduated with Bachelor of Journalism.

Leesa Clarke Career Details

In 1980 she started working for KITV in Honolulu as a reporter and an anchor.

Leesa Clark Stone also worked for KITVs program dubbed “Working for You”.

In 1990, Leesa Clark moved to Atlanta. From 1990 she worked for CNN headline news for around eighteen months.

From CNN she joined WTVF in Nashville as an anchor.
While at CNN, She brought the story of Manuel Noriega who was from panama. Noriega was a politician and a military officer. He was born in Panama and became a soldier in Panama army. She was later promoted in ranks upto the chief of military intelligence. Noriega was seen as a drug dealer.US intelligence later arrested Noriega with charges of money laundering, drug selling, criminal activities and smuggling. He was later convicted in Miami and was later sentenced to 40 yrs. in prison. His imprisonment was later reduced by 17 years because he behaved very well.

She also covered the story of John Gotti. John Gotti is an American who was the leader of Gambino group which carried out criminal activities in New York. Gotti group were caught for selling narcotics. He was one of the biggest leaders of criminal activities in USA. He made millions from racketeering, hijacking, loan sharking, drug trafficking, bookmaking, prostitution, extortion, pornography, illegal gambling and other criminal activities. Gottis friend set up Gotti and was arrested by the FBI. He was convicted and imprisoned. He later
She also covered the story of Marion Bary who was a Washington based mayor. Bary Was a community rights activist, politician. He also used to give speeches for prominent people in power like during the nomination of Jesse Jackson. His issues started when he was seen in a video lighting and smoking cocaine. He was arrested and charged by Federal Investigative Bureau w(FBI)with drug charges. He was prisoned for six months which made him not seek re-election. After being released from prison he was also elected as a mayor.

While at CNN she also covered the story of Nelson Mandela after he was released from prison after being detained for 27 years. Nelson together with his wife, Winnie celebrated the release with the raising their fists to show freedom. He went on become the first president of South Africa with Winny becoming the first lady. The main achievement he received as a president was fighting apartheid which helped in eliminating racism among the South Africans after years of racial segregation.

She also covered the story of former USA President Bill Clinton had a sexual relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. This scandal led to the impeachment of the president.

In 2014, she participated in Big Brother Australia which was a fashion and a reality show in Australia.

She has been a brand ambassador of different companies ranging from Hair Cartel, Josh Gut, The Fifth Label, General Pants among others.

She has been vlogging for a while in collaboration with Jack Rich to make YouTube videos.

She is the author of Paradise to Paradise: The Rap Reiplinger Story which talks about her life especially her late husband Replinger.

Together with her husband Rich Stone won an Emmy Award during the Fans Fair Event in Nashville.

Leesa Clarke Net Worth

She has a net worth of $5 million.

Leesa Clarke Dating History

She dated Rich Stone whom she later married after the death of Rap Reiplinger.

Leesa Clarke Husband

She got married to Rap Reiplinger who was a comedian in Hawaii but later died in 1984. But the husband later died and she got married to Rich Stone who works as a photojournalist and they later worked together and founded Stone Productions.

Leesa Clarke Parents

The details of her parents are not yet known to the public. He has made it private.

Leesa Clarke Kids

He has two kids who both of them are boys whom she got with the late Rap Reiplinger.

Leesa Clarke Body Measurements

She has a weight of 68kg and a height of 1.53m.

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