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The French-born TV presenter is famously known for the RI: SE and music show of Top of the Pops in the early 2000s. She is also a biochemist and wildlife biologist. She is also known for presenting wildlife and science programs, including Galapagos, How the Earth Works, Animals in Love, Stargazing Live, Blue Planet Live, Cats vs. Dogs: Who is the Best? And Should We Close Our Zoos? Well, I know you are eager to learn more about Liz Bonnin’s age, Education background, Marriage life, Career history, and more so some exciting facts about her. Let’s walk together through this article, and you get to learn more about Liz Bonnin.

Liz Bonnin Biography

On 16th September 1975, Elizabeth Bonnin, famously known as Liz Bonnin, was born to Trinidadian mother, of Indian and Portuguese descent, and French-Martiniquan father, a dentist by profession Paris, France. The so-called international family moved to Ireland when she was nine years old. She is the sister to Benni.

Liz’s love for animals began when she was young, and this saw her pursuing Biochemistry in Trinity and holds a bachelor’s degree in the same. Being an animal lover, Liz went ahead to pursue a master’s degree in wild animal biology and conservation from the Zoological Society of London and the Royal Veterinary College (2008), for which she tracked tigers in Nepal.

Liz Bonnin Family: Husband And Children

There exist no known facts about Liz’s dating and love life. She has kept this a mystery to the public, but it worth noting that Liz has no child to herself. She is also said to have once dated publisher John Ryan.

Liz Bonnin Social Media Presence

When it comes to social media activities, Liz is one of the most active people on Instagram with over 3000 followers and on Twitter, with over 46000 followers and fans.

Liz Bonnin Age And Body Measurements

As of the current date, Liz is 44 years awaiting to hit 45 years on 16th September 2020. She is 5ft 7inc tall and weighs 53kg.

Liz Bonnin Cars And House

Even if she might be owning cars or big houses, it has not been put to the knowledge of our sources what kind of vehicles that Bonnin drives or what kind of a house Bonnin lives in together with her family. She has kept it a mystery to the public and wants it to remain so. However, Liz says the planet is her home and needs nowhere to call home. She is comfortable with the world.

Liz Bonnin Career Details

Liz’s career kicked off after joining the Irish girl pop group, Chill, but the group broke up before making any recording of their work. However, the band had performed on Dustin Turkey’s third album Faith of Our Feathers. Liz landed a hosting job with IRMA Awards, which opened up her more full roads as a presenter on RTE’ Television in Ireland on The Den, Telly Bingo, and Millennium Eve: Celebrate 2000, and of the Rails with Fiona McShane. In 2002, Liz became one of the presenters of the Channel 4 morning show, RI: SE, specializing in presenting entertainment-related stories and later became a regular presenter on Top of the Pops in the UK.

Her career took another course in 2005 when she became involved in science broadcasting and presented shows like Gadgets, Gadgets, and Gadgets. She also co-presented the BBC science series Bang Goes the Theory on BBC One from 2009 to 2014.
She once went out of the norm in 2008 and presented a documentary series Science Friction on RTE One and specialized in taboos in discussions of scientific topics in Ireland. She later joined the cast of the autumn watch in October 2010 before presenting segments of BBC Two’s Stargazing Live in 2011. In May 2011, she cop resented BBC One’s Egypt Lost Cities.

Interesting Facts About Liz Bonnin

  • Liz’s family is a very international one, bearing in mind she was born to a Trinidad mother and French-dad.
  • She tracked tigers while pursuing her post-graduate degree.
  • She was once a member of the broken pop band, Chill, back in Ireland.
  • She was once locked up in a dog’s kennel to raise awareness for causes supported by the RSPCA. During the lockdown, she shared the kennel with some local MPs.

Liz Bonnin Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Liz’s net worth’s as of 2020 is estimated to be $4 million.

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