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Logan Paul Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Logan is a well-known film maker, actor, and a great YouTuber. In this article, you will get to understand his net worth, and how much does his career contribute to his net worth. Also, you will get to discover some amusing reality about him that you have never read or heard anywhere.
Logan Paul net worth. How much does Logan Paul make and how does he earn his income?
Logan has accumulated a lot of wealth from his work as an actor, director, as well as a YouTuber.

Logan Paul Career Details

Logan Paul followed his younger brother’s footsteps. Logan and his brother Jake are famous on social media. Following his younger brother steps, he started to post funny videos on the Vine app which was later closed. Logan’s You Tube made him a great deal of money. At the age of ten years Logan joined YouTube through the Zoosh channel but later created two channels of his own.

In 2013, Logan created his first official YouTube channel which was known as TheOfficialLoganPaul which currently has 3.6 million subscribers. He did not stop there and in the same year he created another You Tube channel by the name Logan Paul Vlog which has attracted more than 12 million subscribers.

Logan Paul Net Worth

His YouTube videos have attracted a great deal of subscribers with over 2 billion people watching them, his Facebook account also has attracted over 1 billion views. This gained him popularity as established companies such as Virgin Mobiles, Hanes and HBO made him their brand ambassador paying him $80,000 to post on his Instagram account and $150,000 to post on his Facebook account thus creating him a great deal of wealth.

Moreover, he has also invested in the fashion industry where he sells jackets, t-shirts, socks, hats, mobile device cases and many other things online ranging from a price of $15 and $100 thus making him some extra cash. He also offers products for both men and women but on top of this he has also featured in some movies and television shows.

Logan Paul Nationality

Logan Paul is an American with an Arien birth sign

Logan Paul Dating History And Marriage Details

At the moment, Logan is not married nor into any romantic relationship with any woman. However, he was recently spotted hugging and getting friendly with American songbird and actress, Chloe Bennet. Recently most of his fans are thirsty for answers to know about his relationship status. However, on a YouTube video, he confessed that he and Chloe share the same feelings for each but they are not certain whether they should date.

Logan Paul Sibling: Brother Jake Paul

Logan does not have any sister but only one a brother known as Jake born in 1997. Similar to Logan, he is also a YouTube star and an actor. Jake created his YouTube channel in 2013 which has gained around 11 million subscribers. .

Logan Paul House

Logan Paul resided in his apartment in Los Angeles before he was evicted in the recent past. However, nobody knew where he went after eviction but there were rumors that he went to live younger brother Jake and other members at the Team10’s house where Jake lives.

Fun Facts About Logan Paul

Every month over 10 k people use social media and search engines to search for Logan’s home address and phone number The truth is that it is not easy to find his phone number, and note that there are numerous websites that post fake videos on YouTube that they have Logan’s actual number. These people end up giving you some random numbers and therefore you should not give attention to this kind of scam.

There is allot to learn from Logan how at only 22 years he has managed to gain a net worth of 6 million dollars, through his hustles.

According to Logan, he believes that the secret to success is pretty much simple and the most important is you need to be yourself. The reason Logan is famous is that he is as real as he is, there is nothing fake about him, and the same can be said of his content. He knows how to speak his mind out and is not uneasy when revealing his true self on the camera.

Secondly, Logan says one should not be afraid to follow their passion. He joined the university but later dropped to follow his passion for social media though few people can do that but it eventually paid off and now he has gained an impressive net worth. It is not bad to chase your dreams simply because that is what you’ve always wanted.

Lastly, start as young as you are. At the age of 10years Logan had already started posting videos, this was an important period in achieving his success and growing his net worth. With time he has gained experience and he has been able to ensure high-quality videos on his channel.

Logan Paul Cars

Logan Paul owns a 2014 Dodge Challenger. However, not long ago he was quoted saying that he might purchase a new car very soon

Logan Paul Body Measurements

Logan Paul’s height and weight details are as follows:

  • Weight 90 kg or 198.5 lbs.
  • Height 188 cm or 6 ft. 2 in

Logan Paul Social Media Presence

Logan Paul net worth can be accredited from his social media popularity. His social media accounts have gained allot of fans with Facebook having more than 16 million fans, Instagram account more than 14.7 million followers and has over 12 million subscribers. His twitter and Google accounts are not left out too with twitter having 2 million followers while his Google plus account has 2000 plus followers.

Logan Paul Education Details

Logan Paul attended the Ohio University to study social media career but dropped out before he graduated.


Logan is an icon to the new generation of entrepreneurs and superstars making him the most admired celebrity. The new technological advancements have played a major role in increasing Logan’s net worth in addition to that, the new breed of young billionaires and millionaires have shown immense potential in entrepreneurial prosperity, and they are worth watching.

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