Lori Harvey Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Parents, Biological Father

As a celebrity who is known to be involved with other high profile celebrities, Lori Harvey has always been known to cause controversy. Besides her trouble dating life, not much is known about her biological father as well as her relationship with her adapted father the high profile mogul Steve Harvey.

Lori Harvey Bio: Age, Parents, Early Life

Lori Harvey was born in 1997, January 13 in Memphis, USA. Not much is known about the school that she went to and her activities while she was in school. It is only know that she had a troubled childhood and is involved in a number of relationships with high profile celebrities.

Her parents are Marjorie Elaine Harvey and Steve Harvey. Her biological father is called Donnell. Not much is known about her biological father except that he was a drug dealer and was heavily involved in criminal activities. It is not known whether her biological father is alive and in prison or is deceased. Harvey is someone who is a native in Hollywood growing up in the Steve Harvey household. Starting from her childhood she always got the chance to interact with some of the biggest names in the world of entertainment. It is said that she has a close relationship with her adapted father Steve Harvey.

Lori Harvey Career Details

She got into the entertainment world as a model at such a young age. She was comfortable in front of the cameras and always wanted to establish her name in the entertainment business. She also appeared at the major fashion events in Europe and USA. Because of her seductive looks she found it easy to be accepted in the entertainment business.

Harvey is said to date a number of high profile celebrities. Just a while ago it was rumored that she was dating Sean Diddy Combs. This news was seen as strange since just a while ago it was said that she was dating one of the celebrity’s sons. Both Diddy and Harvey denied the rumors although photos surfaced of them hanging out in numerous times. Before Diddy, Harvey was dating the famous Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton. But her relationship with Hamilton did not last that long as they both denied that they were ever involved in a relationship in the first place.

Is Lori Harvey Dating Or Married?

Another high profile celebrity that she has dated in the past is Trey Songz. After declaring on social media that they were dating, due to unknown reasons they decided that their relationship was over. The most troubled relationship that Harvey ever had is with the Holland football player Memphis Depay. Their relationship lasted more than a year and at a time they even announced that they were engaged and were soon to be married to be one another. After having irreconcilable differences and being separated, Depay released a rap song blasting his former girlfriend online saying that she cheated on him while they were still together.

Surprising of all was the news that Harvey recently married the famous rapper Future. There was a rumor that they were dating but after some time they announced to the world online that they were married. Not many details are known about the wedding ceremony and when and where the event took place.

Lori Harvey Net Worth

So far, Harvey has managed to accumulate a net worth of 1 million dollars. The bulk of such wealth comes from her active modeling career and also the advertisement work that she has done for some of the biggest brands in the world. Harvey owns luxurious cars like Ferrari 488 convertible and a Rolls Royce. It is said that the Rolls Royce was given to her by her father Steve Harvey for reportedly agreeing to stop dating Diddy. It is also said that she lives in a huge mansion in Los Angeles, California.

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