Lou Santiago Bio, Age, Net Worth, Education, Married Wife

Often described as “the walking automotive encyclopedia in the world of cars”, Lou Santiago is a former US Navy Seal mechanic, a famous TV actor, an automobile fabricator and an entrepreneur. Many might not be privy to his finer details but no worries as we dig deeper into his private life.

Lou Santiago Bio: Age, Early Life, Parents

The 56-year-old famous TV personality actor was born in May 1963 in a family of five to an iron smith Raul Santiago his father and the teacher Lily her mother. Often described as a tough man, Lou is charismatic and has an addictive smile. Though he was born in Bronx, New York he grew up in Hempstead, Long Island. Lou is very much obsessed with cars and from a young age he exhibited special car designing skills. By the age of 13 he was known for his focus on customized cars.

Lou Santiago Career Details

Lou could not separate the love for cars from his education. After completing at Uniondale High School he went on to graduate with a Diesel Mechanic Program at the Board of Cooperative Education Services popularly known as (B.O.C.E.S).

Santiago joined the US Navy in 1981 working as a Seabee mechanic for the Navy Seal Team eight directly responsible for taking care of heavy equipment ensuring safety and giving support to his fellow team members. As a well-respected family man, Lou served in the US Navy for 16 years after which he quitted in 1997 to spend more time with his wife. Being a knowledge-loving person, Lou furthered his education and graduated with a qualification in Human Behaviour. It is after this that the car fabricating guru assisted school youngsters with behavior complications teaching them various skills. Combining his unique automobile fabricating skills with human behavior studies he even taught the children skills on building special car material, high-performance parts, and muscle cars.

In 2005, he began his TV career showcasing his car fabricating skills and ever since has featured on several shows on Spike TV including Cruise Down. The famous TV superstar became more popular with Musclecar, a TV program he presented for 44 episodes. He continued perfecting his TV show skills and in 2009 he hosted the Ultimate Car Build-Off on Discovery Channel. He currently hosts the Discovery Channel hosted Car Fix TV series.

In addition to sharing his coveted car making skills via TV appearances, Lou is an entrepreneur who owns a virtual garage workshop, GarageInsiderTV.com where he uses his special mechanic skills to assist many about car issues.

Lou Santiago Net Worth

How much is the car designing enthusiast worth? What we know is Lou is an enterprising hard working man who has made a lot of wealth through various ventures especially manufacturing high valued cars for celebs. Amazingly, he likes to keep his wealth status a secret but It is estimated that he is worth about USD$1 million.

Lou Santiago Marriage Details

Lou is famously known for loving his family and giving them precious time. The issue which is still a mystery to many is the identity of his household. The Car Fix host is a genius in keeping his personal life private to the world. Some believe the privacy skills were also cemented to his involvement in the highly secretive military service. The former US Navy Seabee got married in the early stages of his life and it is public knowledge that he is a great family man. His wife`s identity is not established but we know the lovely couple has four children. Lou lives with his happy family in his beautiful house in North Carolina, USA. Though the famous automobile fabricator is not very active on social media regarding his personal he loves posting pictures of his beautiful custom-designed cars. The well-accomplished ‘Garage Insider TV’ owner is a very famous and greatly sociable man who enjoys quality time with his fans. Lou Santiago understands the value of people and highly values his fans to the extent of appending his signature for them.

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