Lucy Zelic Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

All the ardent lovers of football know the drill? A match is lost, a match is won, we get to hear about it all, and we cheer if won or boo if lost. We tend to watch it again and again and try to grab the misgiving staring right at our faces. A match is a matter of life and death and man, do we take things seriously!

Now, how did we get to know about the hustles of the said matches? The beautiful presenters that shine through the moment, breaking the life-altering news to us. One of such news presenters is Lucy Zelic who is an Australian Television Presenter. Known for being a host of the Canberra Radio Station 2XXFM’s and football show named “The Far Post,” Lucy Zelic has caused quite a stir. There are numerous accounts of her life and aspersed comments surfing through the internet which interest many fans and friends.

Lucy Zelic Bio: Age, Early Life

Lucy Zelic was born on the 9th of December 1986 in Canberra, Australia. She has a beautiful home in Sydney where she lives with the love of her life and the father of her child.

Lucy Zelic Dating History And Marriage Details

She has been in a relationship with Corey Gameiro Brisbane – the Roar star for quite some time now and the duo is loved by many. Being professional acquaintances, it seemed inevitable for the audience to overlook the spark between the two. Things got heated up after Lucy came back from covering the 2018 World Cup in Russia in May 2018 and two “friends” decided to take things up a notch. Soon they got together and surprised the fans with the news of their baby’s arrival, taking the Instagram world by storm. Lucy Zelic counts this new addition to the loving family as “surreal.” The father was beyond thrilled to hold their little bundle of joy and thanked everyone profusely for sending in the best wishes.

Lucy Zelic Education Details

Lucy Zelic is a beautiful woman, perfectly capable to make men swoon wherever she goes. She is smart, educated, and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and sports business from the University of Canberra. Even since she wrapped up her education, she has been working non-stop. She has bagged a big name in her lifetime career. She is not only beautiful but also bright which helps her being one of the most versatile Television personalities.

Lucy Zelic Career Details

She is reigning over our TVs for quite some time now, known and looked at as an appealing personality. Her family includes her parents and two brothers, Ivan and Ned Zelic, who are football players. Not much is known about her parents as she has never discussed them in public. As far as her personal life is concerned, she tried to keep it separate from her professional life which we think is a wise move!

The whirlwind of money gets to everyone sooner or later. With Lucy, it is no different. Even though a TV presenter is supposed to earn n big number, it’s not that easy. But with Lucy, it’s being an early catch. She made it look so easy which we believe is not. It is believed that her net worth has been estimated at millions of US dollars. Based in Australia, it is guessed that she is earning a whopping amount of $60K. It doesn’t stop there. There are many more to come for the TV presenter as she is not anywhere anytime soon.

Being a mother and bringing a child into this world is not a piece of cake but the celeb moms make it look so easy. Juggling their work and their kids like a pro! When asked about her baby, Lucy gushed over the fact that her baby is everything to her. She also shed light on her concerns and how difficult it is to leave her beloved baby behind. “I can be stationed in one room, interviewing the coach of the Australian men’s national team while Mila is yelling ‘mama!’ at the top of her lungs just a few rooms away…my mum guilt is through the roof,” she said.

Alas! Mothers have to take a leap of faith and leave their children behind to pursue their careers. It’s hard to do so but what is life if not a trial?

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