Marc Anthony Thompson Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Weight

Marc Anthony Thompson, according to reliable resources belongs to an Afro-Panamanian family line. He was, however, grown up in Los Angeles. He is a guitarist and vocalist from Central American nation, Panama. Despite his valuable contributions in the music industry, he has not been thought of that much. No one can tell about his age because neither his birthday nor his birth month and year are known to anyone.

He is the son of well-known on0screen character and performer Bobby Ramos.

Marc Anthony Thompson Personal Life, Marriage Details

Marc has kept his personal life as a big secret. Not much is known about his wives and kids even his schooling and education. According to Tessa, Marc lived with his second wife, whose name is also a mystery, during her childhood. Tessa also doesn’t know whether his father Marc still lives together with the second wife.

Marc Anthony Thompson Career Details

Marc took a lot of inspiration for music creation from well-known artists such as Marvin Gaye and Bob Dylan soon started to write his own songs.

His professional career started soon after he shifted to Los Angeles. There he released his two solo collections. These albums, Marc Anthony Thompson and Watts & Parris were released in 1984 and 1989 respectively. After sometime he shifted to New York in 1992 and this is where he met the guitarist, Marc Ribot, with whom he would work in future. He worked with Marc Ribot to produce two more albums and then both worked with the band “crackers’”. Soon after this, he started his biggest project, the Chocolate Genius, and released two more albums; the “Black Music in 1998 and “Godmusic”” in 2001.

At this point of time, Chocolate Genius comprised of just a consortium of artists who helped Marc Anthony. These artists were Van Dyke Parks, Jane Scarpantoni, Marc Ribot, John Medeski, Vernon Reid, Chris Wood, Christ Whitley and many others. After that, the Chocolate Genius was converted into Chocolate Genius Inc. for the albums to come in future. Few albums released after this change were ‘Black Yankee Rock’, ‘Swansongs’, and ‘Truth vs. Beauty’ in 2005, 2010 and 2016 respectively.

Marc has also been involved in several other projects, Apart from working with Chocolate Genius Inc. He was a part of the studio releases by Lizz Wright. He also toured as a part of the well-known band “Bruce Springsteen’s Seeger Sessions”. His notable contributions to music industry also include composing music for various films such as ‘Everyday People’ and ‘Urbania’. He also wrote songs for films. These include: ‘Don’t Grow’, for ‘Twin Fall Idaho’ in 1999 in assistance of producer and musician Stuart Matthewman and for the film ‘I Am Sam’, the cover of Julia by Thompson was used. Thompson interestingly departed from his usual work and to work on the music for ‘A Huey P. Newton Story’. It was a theatrical production that Spike Lee adapted into a movie. For this purpose, Thompson travelled around the world and conducted live performances. He also composed the movie score for this play. He won a Drama Desk nomination and an Obie award for what he contributed in the play. The varied achievements he made to both film and music led to him being asked for hosting ‘Sonic Cinema’ (2000), a series by Sundance Channel.

Marc Anthony Thompson Net Worth

Although the estimated income of Marc Anthony Thompson is still unknown as he has not yet revealed any such information; his net worth as of 2020 is about $500 thousands. Marc also has a vast receives income stream from royalties. This has a great impact on his already respectable net worth and incomes.

Marc Anthony Thompson Wives

Right now, this genius artist is not married. He is, however, in a relationship with, Kate Sterlin, his picture taker. The identity of his first wife is not known to anyone.

Marc Anthony Thompson Kids

Anthony and Kate have two little girls from their relation: Zsela Thompson and Tessa Thompson. Zsela Thompson is a craftsman and lyricist while Tessa is a well-known entertainer. With Marc’s second wife, he has two kids, a son and a daughter whose names are unknown yet.

Marc Anthony Thompson Body Measurements

Marc Anthony Thompson is an average-heighted funky artist. He has maintained his body weight very well. He has black eyes and looks best in his favorite curly black hair style.

Marc Anthony Thompson Social Media Presence

With 11.3 million and 9.4 million followers on Twitter and Instagram respectively as of May 2020, Marc can be seen to be very popular among general public.

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