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Marci Ien Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Kids, Nationality, Height, Weight

Marci Ien is a 50 years old Canadian born and national journalist living in Toronto Canada, having more than 33 years of career history. Her professional profile filed with diversity of work including teaching, hosting and radio broadcaster moreover as a child star. Her professional profile represents her expertise in her chosen field and due to this dedication she stand out as one among the famous international personality.

Marci Ien Net Worth, House

She gathered millions of dollars by working in different areas as mentioned above the reason her net worth was 1 million dollars in 2018 survey and this figure dramatically increased in 2019. So it was claimed that her net worth is between 1 million to 40 million dollars that includes her personal lavish accommodation in Toronto city moreover she is the author of many of the books related to her field.

Is Marci Ien Married To Husband?

Marci Ien in her personal life living as a single parent have two children separated few years ago from her husband .she is recently romantically engaged with a famous Canadian rapper and actor Fresh Was.

Marci Ien Racial Discrimination

Recently she raised a crucial issue of racial discrimination with black people across Canada she told in an interview that she was stopped by a police car on red light 7 times over the period of 9 month approximately and she calls it as police harassment, upon a question she said : her black color is the triggering factor that police stopped her many times. She raised voice against such issues on social media as she has more followers on tweeter and Instagram

Marci Ien Career, Education Details

In her professional career she remained successful in reporting .She done her graduation from Ryerson university and after the completion of her degree the university by looking upon her best performance and diligence offered her job which he accepted. She remained in the visiting faculty for few years her task included services for radio and television art program of the Ryerson university.

During her university job she participated in workshops and provided high level training to the students interested joining broadcasting field.

The reason of her dedication to work was that she received Planet African Award in 2014 and after just two year she was presented with African Canadian award. Her professional career includes a visit to Sri Lanka where she captured the current affairs, economical condition and devastating impact of tribal wars in the country.

Before coming on famous television channels she reported for Atlantic Bureau and five years prior to this job she was hired for reporting Hemilton. Marci Ien in the very beginning of her professional stage worked for Queen’s Park where she highlighted the political and social issues. The motive behind her campaign was to educate people regarding their sociopolitical rights, to enable them understand the power of vote.

Now she has more than twenty seven years of experience of media industry. It is an admitted fact that Marci gained this position with the help of her friends, in an interview with a penal of journalist she revealed her story declaring her friend behind her success who assisted her in early 90’s in the profession. In terms of her earning she earned million of dollars through this profession. The expected earning of her each television show is around seven thousand to ten thousand dollars.

Recent survey conducted in April 2019 it has been asserted by the surveyers that she worth more than One dollars and less than FIVE million dollars.

Marci Ien Kids

Marci Ien is currently living in Toronto with her two children Blaze and Dash. She is still on her way to raise the voice on social issues including the sheltering problems, social differences among the community and other socio-economic affairs. Her supporters and followers clams that they find Marci very kind and her entire look resembles like a top modeling star but in reality she had no career in modeling. Recently Marci is residing in Toronto and her relationship with a Canadian rapper is still ongoing.

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