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Mark Hoppus Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Tatoo, Ethnicity, Height, Weight

Mark Hoppus is an American singer and song writer. He shot to fame with the rock band Blink 182 but has not been heard since then. He had toured all over as the bands only representative but he is not in the news of late.

Mark is not worried about new entrants in the music industry. He is wrapped up with iris family of wife and a kid.

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Mark Hoppus Marriage Details, Wife, Kids

So, who is the angel from Mark’s nightmare? Well, she is none other than former MTV west coast host & talent executive, Skye Everly.

Mark and his wife, the MTV hostess Skye Everly me while mark was penning the song “All the Small Things”. Sky used to work for TV and they were set up together by Marks former band member Tom Delange. They soon got dating each other. Their wedding was held in December 2000 in a romantic wedding Cremona. It was well attended by close friends and family members. They had a jazz music program instead of a DJ.

Marks wife became Skye hoppus legally after her wedding .she gave birth to a baby boy named Jack in August 2000
Jack now 16 is often seen in public with his parents. The family goes on vacations and exploration trips often. On their 18th wedding anniversary the couple went on a trip to Tuscany. With a happy family Mark is content with his $70 million which is enough for his family.

Mark Hoppus Bio: Age, Height, Ethnicity And Tattoo

Mark Hoppus, age 47, started early with music when he received his first guitar at the age of 15. The bassist-vocalist for Blink 182, alongside Tom Delonge, formed the band in 1992.

While working for the band, the group recorded many hit songs including Carousel, Dammit, Josie, I Miss You, Adam’s song and more.

Mark – who possesses a mixed ethnicity consisting of Finnish, French, English, Dutch, German, Welsh, and Irish heritage – is also distinctive from his band members for his tattoos.

While his colleagues Travis Barker and Tom Delonge have tattoos all over their torso, Mark has a few tattoos on his wrist. Further, he is also one of the tallest members of Blink 182 with a height of 5 feet 11 inches (1.8m).

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