Mark Konkol Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

Mark Konkol born on January 01, 1973 is known for his work as a writer and journalist most prominently since 2011, when Konkol alongside crime reporter Frank Main and photographer John J. Kim won the Pulitzer Prize for Local Reporting for what was described as “their immersive documentation of violence in Chicago neighborhoods, probing the lives of victims, criminals and detectives as a widespread code of silence impedes solutions.”

Mark Konkol Age, Education, Early Life

Born and raised in Chicago’s southern suburbs, he graduated from Thornwood High School in South Holland back in 1991 and then went on to attend Culver-Stockton College for the next two years, until he transferred to Western Illinois University, from where he graduated in 1995 with a bachelor’s degrees in communication and journalism.

Mark Konkol Career Details

Over the years he wrote for many different publications starting with Star Newspapers and then went on to write for the Daily Southtown newspaper until he switched that too for the Sun-Times in 2004, for which he continued to write until 2012. Then later in the same year he joined for the next 5 years and left that too in early 2017 to pursue a career in television production. Currently he’s writing for Monumental Stories, a creative-powered storytelling company which he founded himself in order to be able to tell the stories he wants to without restrictions and time constraints. In addition to that he still writes for the news website where he usually covers political topics. An active Twitter user, Konkol has been critical about the government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the false information being spread about it by the media, which he believes contributes to a feeling of uncertainty among the population.

Mark Konkol Personal Details: Family, Height, Weight

Being one who focuses more on the topic of his writing more than himself, little is known about his personal life, as there is no information about his family, his height or his weight, although he has stated that the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown brought him a few extra pounds that he’s working on losing. Although a Pulitzer prize winner, there’s no information about Kokol’s financial situation which most likely means is net worth is well under $1 million and according to most sources he still lives modestly somewhere in Chicago. As for the things he likes, Konkol mentioned on multiple occasions that he’s been a long-time fan of the White Sox baseball team and in an interview with he talked about his favorite drinks, mentioning that Captain Morgan is his gateway rum, which he enjoys mixed with Coke in a tall ice-packed cocktail glass.

e also mentioned that he doesn’t collect alcohol and just buys it as he drinks it, meaning that you won’t find a lot of variety in his bar cabinet. He also expressed his love for the Santa Teresa 1796 over ice cocktail which he seems to enjoy regularly as well as a cold beer during warm summer days.

Mark Konkol Cars And House

As far as it’s publicly known, Konkol doesn’t own any cars and seems to prefer his blue Ultra Classic motorcycle instead, although it’s unknown if he still has it as the last picture of him with the motorcycle is from a few years ago at this point.

Mark Konkol Dating History And Marriage Details

He seems to also enjoy his privacy when it comes to his dating life as there are no records of any relationships Konkol might have had and he also doesn’t have any children. As for hobbies, he also doesn’t share much about those, although it seems he plays the guitar and enjoys watching baseball games, even when the White Sox aren’t playing. He also seems to have a soft spot for popsicles and enjoys a good cup of coffee to go with his morning routine.

Although he has been using his Pulitzer earned fame for political commentary he doesn’t seem to favor any party and his own words is “more concerned about getting to the truth” as true journalist should be. He also seems to have an interest in art as he’s been retweeting many artworks done by contemporary artists and outside of the political commentary and his work as a reporter seems to enjoy a good joke or a discussion with his audience.

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