May Lee Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Weight

May Lee is a famous Journalist, anchor and now she becomes a famous personality. She was born on 28 March 1966 in Hong Kong. She had faced a lot of challenges to get success in her life. She is now 54 years old marvellous lady.

May Lee Career Details

At the starting of her career, she faced gender discrimination and Anti-Asian bias due to which she lost her confidence for some moments. She had started her career with a BA in Communication from Mills College in Oakland, CA. Then she did MS in Journalism, MA in Specialized journalism, and MA in The Arts in specialized Journalism.

In the 1980s, she faced a struggle in moving between Local broadcast for 15 years, and then finally in 1995, it was the turning point in her life when she was joined CNN in Tokyo and Hong Kong. There, she was the network’s first female anchor of Korean Descent. This channel has change her whole life in 1999 when she hosted the famous show “Pure Oxygen” under which they used to talk about the environmental conditions and many more. After this, she never faces difficulties in the rest of her career. She had also worked for ABC and NBC.

In 2004, when she returned to Asia-pacific, join as an anchor in The Asia Pacific Wall Sheet journal in CNBC’s Asian financial news program and also as a co-anchor in CNBC Tonight. She continued this job only for 1 year because she was worried about her age and opportunities.

Finally, she launched her show “The May Lee Show” in 2007 inspired by social and economic changes. The channel that promotes her show was STAR TV by managing her show timing just before the American Idol. In 1st episode of her show, she invited an American actress John Chen, Australian Singer Olivia Newton-John and Chef Bobby Chinn from New Zealand.
She is also an author of the popular book “May Lee live and in-person”. Now she is a founder and CEO of Lotus Media Pte. Ltd. She had done wonderful works in Digital Media, Entertainment, Global, Los Angeles, Race, and Ethnicity.

May Lee Net Worth

Generally, She avoids being on social media, although in 2020, she reveals her Net worth between $1 Million -$5 Million. She is a very cool lady interested to invest money in her work to bring a smile to people’s face, she does not enjoy her life unlike most millionaire live by showing off. She is sincere about her work and lifestyle. She always tries to help people to let them overcome their difficult situation.

May Lee Personal Life, Marriage, Family Details

As she is a journalist, she had a meeting with top celebrities, Ambassadors, governers, consult general, superstars, and many more people.

She is still single even at the age of 54 years. She never let the world know about her personal life such as her married life or her dating life. She doesn’t have any children. She didn’t want much publicity.

She has started her she named May Lee Show and she married herself with her work, most of the time in the day she used to busy in the shoe hosting and set up. In this show she used to talk about general issues such as social news and some cases regarding the robbery, murder and she also made her channel on YouTube by the name ‘May Lee Show’ having 1.26K and 56 videos. We never want to know about the life of our real heroes, instead of that we only follow those people who always show their money, Is it right? Isn’t it? Absolutely yes, otherwise May-lee deserves millions of subscribers.

May Lee Cars And House

She has a luxurious car and a Beautiful house in Atlanta. Now she is 2nd Generation Korean American and works for CCTV America since December 2014. She now a celebrity and Heroic personality for the world and her life inspire most people. Her helping nature makes to feel humanity and mankind.

May Lee Body Measurements

Let’s talk about her appearance, she is about 1.63 m tall golden brown skin colour, and her eyes are glazed just like the Korean people. She used to concern about her clothes, the colour of her hair, and her hairstyle.

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