Meet Ahmet Hakan. Know His Age, Career, Net Worth, Nationality. Is He Single or Dating?

Ahmet Hakan Coşkun is one of the most respected and equally criticized reporters in his native Turkey. The CNN Türk has had an interesting career with a lot of events unfolding around his work in recent years. If you need correct facts about Ahmet, here’s the perfect spot to get it.

Ahmet Hakan Bio: Nationality, Age

Ahmet Hakan Coşkun is a journalist of Turkish nationality. He was born on August 11, 1967 in Yozgat Province, and is currently 52 years of age.

Ahmet Hakan Education Details

Hakan started his education at an imam school in his teenage years. He went further to obtain a divinity degree from Uludağ University.

Ahmet Hakan Career Details

Ahmet Hakan began his journalism career in 1993. He worked for the Turkish TV channel, TGRT as a reporter.

He also took up a role as the news director of Kanal 7 in 2003. After his stint as the channel’s director, Hakan became a columnist for Yeni Şafak, a Turkish newspaper.
Hakan Coşkun still works with Hürriyet and Kanal D as a columnist and has spent several years with these media firms.

A highlight of Hakan’s career is when he was appointed by CNN Türk to present the network’s news and local events in the native language.

Ahmet has been in the public eye for a lot of reasons, and remains one of the most popular TV personalities till date.

About Ahmet Hakan Threats

In September 2015, Ahmet received a threat from a rival columnist Cem Küçük. The threat against Ahmet was propagated by most of his content on Hurriyet.

A little while after Ahmet received this threat, he filed a complaint against Küçük. The threat also received public condemnation from a host of notable journalists in Turkey.
That didn’t stop Ahmet’s critics from getting physical with their intentions on October 1, 2015. Ahmet was attacked in front of his residence alongside his driver and another man in their vehicle.

Sequel to the attack, Hakan had to demand protection from the government due to the attack’s severity.

The attackers were later identified as members of a political party with a negative response to Ahmet’s views.

Ahmet Hakan Net Worth

Ahmet Hakan has enjoyed a flourishing career in journalism. Based on his numerous affiliations with top news networks and media houses, Ahmet has amassed a decent fortune. He’s currently valued at an estimated $1.5 million in 2019.

Ahmet Hakan Dating History, Girlfriend

Ahmet Hakan remains one of the most outspoken critics of Turkish political figures. Based on this, he keeps major parts of his personal life secret. There’s no record of Ahmet dating anyone right now.

Is Ahmet Hakan Married To Wife?

Hakan keeps his personal life fully under wraps. Prior to the 2015 assault on him, little was known about his relationship status. After the attack, everything about his personal life has remained a closely guarded secret. The public doesn’t know if he’s currently married.

Ahmet Hakan Parents

Ahmet’s parents are Hamdi Coşkun and Vesile Coşkun who are both Turkish nationals.

Ahmet Hakan Kids

When it comes to kids, Ahmet has still managed to keep this totally secret. With a lot of targets on his personal affiliations possible, he remains mum on whether he’s a father or not.

Ahmet Hakan Body Measurements

There’s no current word on Ahmet Hakan’s body measurements. He’s known from physical appearance to have a slightly bulky build on an average height. Precise dimensions aren’t available at this time.

Ahmet Hakan Cars And House

Based on the secrecy Hakan attaches to his personal life, a lot about his personal life is unknown. He’s known to live in Istanbul, Turkey. But knowledge on the ownership of Hakan’s residence still remains a mystery.

There’s also no concrete info on his car ownership status. But when he was attacked in 2015, he was reported to have a personal driver.

Ahmet Hakan Literary Works

Ahmet Hakan has a flourishing writing career apart from being a columnist and anchor man.

Hakan has currently authored three books throughout his career. His first book was Sivil, Dayanılmaz bir Yürek (A Civil, Irresistible Homeland) which he wrote in 1999.

In 2001, he also authored Neden Milliyetçilik? (Why Nationalism) and Çeteler, Mafya ve Siyaset (Gangs, Mafia and Politics), which irked many rivals to his critical style of writing.

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