Meet Amy Allen Husband Rob Traegler.Know Her Age, Siblings, Career, Net Worth

Amy Allen is now married to Rob. The dead files are a refreshing example of the paranormal. Amy Allen is the paranormal researcher at her helm. Amy, a Colorado resident, is willing, especially with those who crossed the other side, to communicate with the surnatural. She was still a young girl, and this is a talent that she noticed. Her trainer was William Roll, the same guy with all the spiritual abilities. We will examine the past and current ties with Amy Allen in this article.

Amy Allen’s married life, and divorce from ex-husband Matthew Anderson. Actually, Amy Allen was already married to Matthew Anderson once on the dead files. There’s not much detail on their union, except that their marriage was short-term and separated in 2013.

Amy Allan’s vigorous work schedule can be a rumored cause of their division.
Her reality show took her all over the country, limiting her time together, without any doubt. Amy Allen released a Twitter post on 8 November 2013 informing fans that she soon met her to talk about divorce cases as an ex-husband. During their time together, the couple had no babies.

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Amy Allen And Rob Traegler Are Married

Actually, Amy Allen is Rob Traegler’s dating. The couple met in 2011 when they cast their dead files. Before Amy had even completed her first marriage.

The two will get to date one year after Amy Allen and Matthew divorced her first husband. The source therefore kept a secret and veiled friendship from the public eye.

Fans always taught her, and it would come to light eventually that Amy saw somebody new. The relationship lasted five years and both tied the node. The two of them live now in California, Los Angeles. We are not just family mates, but also workers. Both of them currently have no kids.

Amy Allen Current Husband Rob Traegler

Rob Traegler is a producer of US film and TV. He was born in New Jersey on 8 October 1982. He walked back. Since the beginning of 2005, Rob was in the business.

He started with Dr Phil’s package where he worked as an assistant director. His directorial role on Animal Planet came after a good four years on the popular show. In other series such as Deep Fried and Pretty Hurts, Rob has also made his name clear. His life would however have changed as he was led by the Travel Network to create the ghost papers. He would meet up with Amy Allen, his friend, while he was there.

Here are the details about her husband.

Full name Rob Traegler
Age 36 years old
Date of Birth 8th October 1982
Place of Birth Hamilton, New Jersey, USA
Profession Television and Film Director
Wife Amy Allan

We tell, Amy, that we like her married life to remain shush, so we don’t have the exact details about her boyfriend Rob Traegler friendship. All we know is that in the picture and in life in general the two seem very content together. Both of these operate together in the series’ The Dead Files,’ where Rob works behind the camera.

The Dead Files’s Amy Allen Channel is marrying her longtime boyfriend Rob. On August 12, 2018, via her Twitter account, she announced her positive wedding plans.

She pointed out that the fan asked her the exact date of the marriage, but that the exact date had not been shown yet, she was getting struck up in October.

Amy Allen Bio: Age, Early Life, Siblings

Amy Allen was born in Denver, Colorado on 31 May 1973 and is now 45 years old. She was a four-year-old who believed the “shooting people” in their Arvada Colorado Amy Allen had her very first knowledge with paranormalism.

This spurred her chances on the table. The psychological research agent and medium studied neuroscience at the University of Arizona and has also been supported by Dr. William Roll, a respected parapsychologist. Many top parapsychologists have researched and discussed their existing skills. She now lives in California’s Los Angeles.

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