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Atz was born on September 2, 1947 (age 73, Zodiac sign Virgo) in Homer, Alaska; his parents, Yule and Ruth Kilcher, settled there after emigrating from Switzerland for running away from World War II. Atz is the oldest of eight kids (Wurtilla, Fay, Catkin, Stellavera, Mossy, Sunrise and Edwin Otto) and was raised in a small log cabin near the McNeil Canyon on Kachemak Bay without electricity or indoor plumbing. From an early age, he was taught to fend for himself and his family amidst the Alaskan wilds.

Atz Kilcher Bio: Parents, Early Life

His father used to be rather harsh on him due to the belief that Atz, being the oldest son, would take care of the entire family in his father’s absence.

Atz developed himself in survival and musical skills, as his mom was a classical singer, poet and author. Atz and his siblings spend some of their free time (when they weren’t farming or fishing) singing and playing piano and guitar. Later on, Atz pursued his mother’s same career performing as a singer, and even releasing two studio albums in 2007 and 2008 respectively, “Valley” and “Stuffed Air”.

During his youth, Atz took quite an interest in cowboy life and he used to ride with his guitars to play music in bars and events, which made him very popular in the area, along with his storytelling skills.

Atz Kilcher Career Details

Atz is reality TV personality known for being the patriarch of the Kilcher family in Alaska: The Last Frontier, a show which’s premises revolves around the Kilcher family surviving in Alaska without water plumbing and many other resources. It first aired on Discovery Channel on December 29 2011. The Kilcher’s were discovered by the cameramen when they resided all together in a simple cabin 11 miles away from Homer.

Its success has resulted in nine seasons, and in the show Atz is featured along his wife, children, brother, and different members of the very, very extended Kilcher family.

Atz Kilcher Marriage Details

Atz has married 3 times in total. His first wife was Lenedra Caroll, whom he knew since his youth when he attended Bringham Younger College in Utah. Together they had three kids: Shane, Jewel, and Atz Lee; even though there isn’t much information about their marriage, it is believed they had their ceremony in the 60s for then divorcing in the 80s.
Atz remarried and had a child named Nikos with his second wife, Linda.

His third spouse is Bonnie Dupree, but they don’t have children together. Bonnie is native from Saranac Lake, New York; she was previously married to Doug Schwiesow and they had two children, Hannah and Karl.

Dough passed away from cancer, and Bonnie met Atz wandering through the Alaskan wilderness. The two don’t have children together, though.

Curiously, most of Atz children are featured in Alaska: The Last Frontier, although some of them as part of the main cast and others as background characters. The latter is the case of his daughter Jewel, who has amassed fame of her own as a Grammy-nominated soul singer; nevertheless, she came back to her hometown in 2016 and appeared in a few episodes sharing time with her family.

Meanwhile, Shane, Atz Lee, and Nikos were all part of the series main cast, up until Nikos decided to pursue his own music career in the global scene and Shane suffered a back injury which put him in medical leave from the show.

Atz Kilcher Net Worth

As of now, Atz owns a net worth of around $5 to $7 million for his role in Alaska: The Last Frontier, being payed $10,000 per episode. As well, the Kilchers are fairly well-known landowners around the Homer area as they own 613 acres around their farmhouse, and according to local records, they lay claim to some more 207 acres in and around the city.



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