Meet CNN Reporter Matthew Chance. Know His Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Education

Matthew Chance is a CNN Senior International Correspondent based in London. He was born on 1st January 1970. Chance is a British Citizen raised in the English Midlands where he went to school and graduated from the University of London. He obtained is Bachelor’s degree in Archaeology & Art at the School of Oriental & African Studies. He has covered, report and anchor great stories extensively all over the world, such places he has report stories from are the Middle East, Russia, Europe, Afghanistan, Chechnya and Far East. Chance was one of the journalists that were held back by the great dictatorship leader Colonel Manmar Gaddafi in Tripoli, Libya in August 2011 at Rixos al Nasr hotel. He is part of the team of CNN personnel’s. He sends is report via twitter handle throughout the period of captivity and was live on CNN before he was finally evacuated by the Red Cross international. A fearless journalist who have report, covered great and dangerous events in his career time.

Matthew Chance Career Details

After graduation from the University of London with a BA degree in Archaeology and later acquire some knowledge in journalism. He pushed on to become a celebrated personality in the media world. Before joining CNN he has worked as a journalist at BBC World Service, later start working as a freelance journalist reporting stories from Sri Lanka in Bangkok, and from London in 1996 to year 2001. Matthew Chance other works; they include Mumbai in India 2008, reporting the militant attacks on the city and the attack of the reputable Taj Majal Hotel. He has been the international correspondent of CNN based in London for almost twelve years. He replaces the then London base reporter named Steve Harrigan as he quit. He attained this prestigious position when he was in Northern Afghanistan.

Matthew Chance Profession

Matthew Chance has a great spine in journalism profession, in which he has reported and covered stories and events that have touch the heart. July 2005, he reported the attack of the London bombings and carried out extensive investigation reporting on the terrorist’s art for the carnage they did. He reported the Tsunami tragedy from Phuket where tourist from 27 countries was caught in the disaster 2004 December. Matthew Chance was in Russia to cover important events, first in October 2002, where 800 people were held hostage by Chechen rebels, how Russian special force pumped lethal gas into the theatre room to subdue the hostage and rebel before gaining entrance to the hall. In September 2004 the Besian School saga where 344 civilians perished in the three horrible days between Chechen rebels and Russian security forces. He has travelled on and on to Chechnya, where a angry war is taking place between separatist rebels and Russian troops. Matthew Chance spent almost six years in Moscow bureau of CNN, before leaving to London where he is now.

Matthew Chance Achievements

When looking into Matthew Chance career, we can see that he has reported great event for CNN just to mention but a few:-

  • He was one of the first to report the capture of Kabul by Northern Alliance Forces
  • The Russian- Georgia conflict of 2008
  • The Pakistan Earthquake in 2005
  • The great Ossetia war in 2008
  • The interview of Russian President Vladimir Putin as one of the first reporter to interview him.
  • Some of the awards he has received include the Peabody award for 2006 Israel Hezbollah conflict
  • The Alfred DuPont Award for his coverage of 2004 tsunami in Asia.

Matthew Chance is good for war reporting and conflict mostly in the Middle East because of his past experience in the war turned areas in the East.

Matthew Chance Personal Life

Matthew Chance is one of CNN most travelled reporter to the Middle East to covered and report events that are going on. He is a gentleman with a high reputation, a religious man and a family man. He is married to his lovely wife and they both are blessed with a daughter called Ann Chance. He is a loving husband and a father.

Quick Facts About Matthew Chance

Bio: White ethnicity, Great Britain

Wiki: 1st January 1970 and a Briton.

Age: 50 years old.

Career: Journalist

Girl friend: Not Disclosed

Boy friend: Not Disclosed

Net worth: Not Disclosed

Dating: Married

Wife: Not Disclosed

Parents: Not Disclosed

Kids: 1, a Daughter name Ann Chance

All Body measurements: Not Disclosed

Cars: Not Disclosed

House: Not Disclosed


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