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A TV star known for her significance in the world of reality TV and cooking shows, Damaris Phillips initially gained prominence after gaining the first spot in the cooking show Food Network Star. Before attaining such a he success, Phillip was still trying to decide which she should embark on in the next phase of her life. Such an award catapulted her to a higher status and helped her to introduce her own show as well as cohost on other shows as well. Today Phillips is identified as one of the top chefs in the country and her all rounded personality helped her to gather a broader social bases from different walks of life.

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Damaris Phillips Bio: Age, Early Life

Born on 1980, December 8 in Lexington, United States of America, Damaris Lennon Phillips is one the best cooking show hosts that stayed relevant for decades. She grew up in a large family and in her cooking shows, she has always emphasized the need to pay back to one’s community and pay what is due. Not much is known is about her past and relationship with friends and family members. Of the little evidence that is available, it is said that she grew up in a large family and that she as a child interacted with individuals from different cultural backgrounds.

Damaris Phillips Career Details

Phillips did not get into the art of cooking after deliberating on the issue for a longtime. On the contrary she was looking for a new hobby and when she joined Jefferson Community and Technical College, she got the chance to develop a new style while studying culinary arts. In her stay at the college she was introduced to different recipes that came from different cultures of the world. In a later interview, she would say that cooking could be seen as an art form that brings closer people from different cultural backgrounds.

But after leaving college, Phillips did not directly enter into the world of cooking and had to serve as a teacher first. Her students still say that she was the best teacher that knew how to instill knowledge of cooking in others. She was not still fully satisfied with teaching about food and cooking and because of this entered the Food Network Star competition to showcase her talents. This gave her the big break that she desperately needed as she won on the show and was subsequently given the chance to create her own show Southern at Heart with Damaris Phillips. It did not take her much time to establish herself in this show. The biggest companies started to advertise their products in the show seeing that her show has gathered huge support across America.
What led to the success of this show is not just the unique skill that Phillips has in cooking but her also all rounded personality that easily resonated with the demands of the audience. She has subsequently branched into other areas like serving as a judge in cooking shows and also authoring several books on the art of cooking. Her books have sold in thousands of copies and she is also admired as an impartial judge that easily motivated contestants.

Damaris Phillips Marriage Details

Phillips is someone that has used social media in order to attain a high prominence. She married Darrick Wood on 2015 in a spectacular and lavish wedding where many royalties were in attendance. Nothing is known about the profession of Wood except the rumour that he works in the advertisement industry. Hundreds attained the lavish wedding. It was a vegetarian wedding suited to the life style of her husband. The wedding was exquisite and contains exotic dish from different parts of the world. So far she has amassed a net worth of 4 million dollars. She has gathered such wealth from endorsements in her cooking shows and also her work as a judge, a writer and a cohost on other coking shows.

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