Meet Environmentalist Philippe Cousteau Jr. Know His Age, Net Worth

Continuing the family legacy of environmental conservation, Philippe Cousteau, Jr. has made a name for himself as an advocate for a greener world.

Let’s take a look at every career detail and achievement of this 3rd generation environmentalist;

Philippe Cousteau Jr. Bio: Wiki, Age, Early Life, Parents

Philippe Cousteau, Jr. was born on the 20th of January, 1980 in Santa-Monica, CA. He is currently 40.

He comes from a distinguished line of environmentalists as his father and grandfather, Jacques Cousteau were advocates for conservation and environmental protection.

Cousteau, Jr. followed in his father and grandfather’s footsteps and is one of the most respected environmental advocates on the planet right now.

Cousteau, Jr. completed his formal education before venturing into mass education of environmental sensitization.

Philippe Cousteau Jr. Career Details

For his first career boost, Philippe got things off with his mother and sister when they founded Earth-Echo International in 2000. The main focus of the Cousteau family in creating the organization is to sensitize youth, and empower them to protect and restore the planet.

A few years later, Philippe founded Thalassa Corporation which he later abandoned for his environmental consulting firm, Azure Worldwide, in 2007.

Cousteau moved ahead in 2012 to commence an exchange–traded fund with Advisor Shares Global.

The firm is named Advisor Shares Global Echo ETF Exchange. It’s focused on sustainable investment. It donates a part of its proceeds to many global charitable causes. This exchange also sustains facilities focused on women empowerment in developing countries with its donations.

Cousteau, Jr. has gone a long way when it comes to making a mark in sensitizing the public on environmental conservation.

He has been invited to lecture at the United Nations, top academic institutions, and more on the need for environmental conservation.

Philippe has also served as a member of the Ocean Conservatory Board of Directors, Marine Conservation Institute, among others.

Apart from being vibrant off-screen, Philippe has a very busy on-screen career as a show host and commentator. He has been active for more than a decade on TV, and has appeared on Animal Planet’s Ocean’s Deadliest.

He has also been part of a presentation team which hosted Oceans on BBC. Philippe has also served as a CNN environmental correspondent. He also regularly engages in speaking at radio shows.

Apart from having brief stints earlier on at CNN, Cousteau, Jr. was a correspondent for CNN International for 5 years (2010 – 2014).

Philippe has also been the main host for Xploration Awesome Planet, which airs on Hulu and FOX.

Cousteau, Jr. has also engaged his family members in the show business as his wife currently co-hosts Caribbean Pirate Treasure, which they began hosting in 2015.
Based on the numerous achievements of Cousteau, Jr. he has received a Daytime Emmy for his on-screen exploits.

He has also received some recognition for his literary work which has seen him write three books over his career.

Philippe Cousteau Jr. Net Worth

Currently, Philippe Cousteau Jr. is worth about $1.6 million.

Philippe Cousteau Jr. Dating History

Cousteau isn’t dating at the moment. He’s been married for seven years. And based on the close relationship Philippe shares with his spouse, it’s highly unlikely he’d date anyone anytime in the future.

Philippe Cousteau Jr. Girlfriend

Philippe doesn’t have any girlfriend at the moment. He is married to Ashlan Gorse.

Philippe Cousteau Jr. Wife

Philippe Cousteau, Jr. got married to his sweetheart Ashlan Gorse in 2013. The couple has been living happily ever since their nuptials.

Philippe Cousteau Jr. Parents

Cousteau, Jr.’s parents are Philippe Cousteau, Sr. and Jan Cousteau. Cousteau, Sr. passed away when Cousteau, Jr. was barely six months to term.

He was raised by his mother and continues the family line of environmental conservations and nature advocates.

To make it more interesting, Philippe’s mother still remains in the environmental conservation line. She serves as a source of support to Philippe.

Philippe Cousteau Jr. Kids

Cousteau Jr. is listed to have two children from his marriage, Philippe Jr. & Alexandra Cousteau.

Philippe Cousteau Jr. Body Measurements

Philippe Cousteau Jr. measures a towering 6’4”. Here’re some of his other measurements. Whatever isn’t listed here isn’t known for now.

  • Weight: 85kg
  • Shoe Size: 10 (US)

Philippe Cousteau Jr. Cars And House

Philippe Cousteau Jr. owns an apartment in Pentagon City, VA. There’s no record of Philippe owning a car and he’s well known to use the city’s metro service regularly.

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