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Meet Former Drugs Trafficker George Jung. Know His Age, Wife, Ex-Wife, Net Worth

George is 77 years old(as of May, 2020) and was born on August 6th, 1942 in Boston, Massachusetts. His nicknames are Boston George and El Americano. He was raised in Weymouth, Massachusetts.

About George Jung

George was a drug trafficker and smuggler and used to do cocaine trade along with the Medellín Cartel in the US from Colombia. Based on his story, the biopic “Blow” was made starring “Johnny Depp. Jung” and was released in 2001.

George has spent many of his life years in prison due to drug smuggling. On June 2, 2014, he came out after spending 20 years in prison and he was again arrested on December 6,2016 in Placer County. He has also been arrested giving speech in San Diego.

George Jung Parents

German American Frederick “Fred” and Erminalia “Ermine” Jung are George’s parents.

George Jung Education Details

Jung was a star football player in his school times i.e. at “Weymouth High School” and was considered to have good leadership skills by his classmates. He has not been good at academics.

He later on joined the University of Southern Mississippi . He dropped out while studying for a degree in advertising. He rather started using and selling marijuana.

George Jung Career Details

In 1967, at Manhattan Beach, California, Jung’s friend made him realize that smuggling career can bring him lots of profit in New England. His way of transporting drugs from California to New England was with using his girlfriend’s (Mirtha) suitcase in flights. Later on, he also used to transport drugs from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with the help of a few stolen airplanes on Cape Cod and pilots. This helped Jung make huge amounts of profits. Throughout his career he has been arrested many times and his arrest was for solicitation of prostitution. He has even been arrested once while he was delivering a speech in San Diego.

In March 1974, he was finally arrested in Chicago at the Playboy Club for marijuana smuggling along with the client. And being in jail, he met Carlos Lehder Rivas who invited him to join “Medellin Cartel” where drug-trafficking was done internationally. Carlos was in the cell for stealing cars. They both started smuggling together when they were released. He has also been partnering with Pablo Escobar.

Again in 1987 he got arrested at his home on Nauset Beach. In 1994, he was again caught with cocaine in Topeka, Kansas and received 60-year sentence. He was released from custody on 27 November 2014.

He has worked in a fiction movie “Heavy” in which Jung is shown escaping from a Cuban prison and flying to Guatemala.
On December 6, in 2016, he was caught in Placer County for parole violation. He was last released on July 3rd, 2017 for the same. Nowadays the drug Marijuana has become legal in Massachusetts and many other places.

George Jung Marriage Details

His first wife was Mirtha Jung(has Cuban descent) with whom he fell in love in a party during his joining days of “Medellin Cartel”. She is 10 years younger than Jung. They married in 1976. She helped Jung in drug smuggling. He is now married to Ronda Clay Spinello Jung according to few online sources.

George Jung Children

He has a daughter named “Kristina Sunshine Jung” with Mirtha Jung and in his biopic “Blow” it is depicted that his daughter couldn’t forgive him. She was obsessed with using drugs even when she was pregnant. She was kept in prison for three years. After coming out she has been trying to stay away from drugs. She and George took divorce in 1984 as she wanted to keep her daughter away from drug related environment but George was not ready to change.

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