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Meet Guy Fieri’s Sons Hunter Fieri And Ryder Fieri. Know Their Age, Everything About Them

52-year-old Guy Fieri is a famous restaurant owner and an author with several restaurants bearing his name in NYC, Las Vegas, and Nevada. He’s an author and an Emmy award-winning tv presenter. When it comes to the food network, Guy Fieri is one of the best. Guy Fieri is married to Lori Fieri, a housewife. They have 2 sons.

We know a lot about Guy Fieri but how much do you know about his sons? How old are they? Are they dating? What is their Net Worth?

This article aims to answer all the questions you have about Guy Fieri’s sons Hunter and Ryder Fieri.

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Who Is Hunter Fieri?

Just like his father, Hunter is an upcoming chef who loves making chocolate and tacos and Gelato. He has made several appearances on tv shows, adding some value on his way to stardom. Hunter is a hardworking young man with a dream to follow. He lives in his father’s footsteps and hopefully, he will be the greatest chef in the world.

Hunter Fieri Bio, Age And Education

Hunter was born on August 7th, 1996 to Guy and Lori Fieri. He attended Williams Harrah College of Hotel Management after attaining a high school diploma. Later, he went to the University of Nevada where he got an internship with the Caesar Group.

Hunter Fieri Weight And Height

His exact height and weight remain hidden at the moment. Hunter is tall and from the looks of it, he’s been working out.

Hunter Fieri Career Details

In the younger days, Hunter dreamed of becoming a racer. But today, he’s living his father’s steps. He’s a great chef.

Hunter’s career started way back in high school. He operated a mobile pizza trailer called Kulinary Gangstas for 2 years. His skill caught the attention of highly-rated Michelin Star Restaurants with the world-famous chefs such as Gordan Ramsay and Bobby Flay.

He has also appeared in multiple food shows e.g Diners Drive-Ins and Dives and Guys Big Bites.

Hunter Fieri Marriage Details And Dating History

Unfortunately, there is not much information on who Hunter Fieri is dating. We only know that he is very focused on building his career and on his studies.

Hunter Fieri Net Worth

Over the years, Hunter Fieri has been able to accumulate a decent net worth of $8.5 million. He has a decent following on Instagram (28K+ followers). The young chef is well on his way to success. Who knows, maybe he’ll be better than his dad.

Who Is Ryder Fieri?

Meet the youngest member of the family and brother of Hunter. Ryder is 14 years old. He has 2 role models for guidance, his father and brother. Guy Fieri loved Ryder. In fact, he named a turkey recipe after him; Ryder’s Turkey Chilli.

Ryder Fieri Age

Born on 31st Dec 2005, Ryder is the youngest celeb in the family.

Ryder Fieri Weight And Height

Unfortunately, we cannot pinpoint Ryder’s exact weight or height. By looking at his Instagram photos, he appears to be the average height of a 14-year-old. He isn’t overweight either. Maybe they work out with Hunter.

Ryder Fieri Career Details

Ryder may not have figured out his passion yet. He still has a lot to learn. Apart from appearing in his father’s shows, little Ryder loves surfing which was taught to him by his brother. Ryder loves his big brother, who also happens to be his best friend.

Ryder Fieri Dating History

For now, Ryder doesn’t have a girlfriend- probably because he is too young for romance. He’s very focused on school affairs, to build his future. Of course, he has no children. After all, the kid is just 14 years old. However, he may turn out to be a young hunk driving all the ladies crazy.

Ryder Fieri Net Worth

At the moment, young Ryder isn’t making money. He doesn’t run businesses and he’s not earning from a career. He’s enjoying his dad’s $9 million net worth. He has made appearances in Guy’s Grocery Games and Guy Fieri’s Family Union. Ryder also has a pet dog named Cowboy. They go surfing together.

Family comes first. Guy Fieri is a very lucky man. He’s proud of his two sons, who seem to have a very bright future. We hope that they can achieve their dreams- especially Hunter Fieri who is just a few moments from living his father’s legacy.

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