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Meet Jerry Jones Wife Eugenia Jones. Know Her Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth

Eugenia Jones is a model in Arkansas in the United States. Some people call her ‘Gene’ as it’s her nickname. Her family and educational background are not much known to anyone but she is a very kind woman. She is very much into charities and charitable organizations. She is the wife of the multi-billionaire businessman Jerry Jones, who is the owner of Dallas Cowboys, which is connected with football. Jerry Jones is also a hall of fame in the cowboy team as he credits his family for the support. An interesting fact about her is: She speaks highly of her husband and never disclosed herself.

Eugenia Jones Marriage Details

The couple has been happily married for over five decades. Very few people have stayed focused on their marriages. However, their marriage has not been an easy one and there were more difficulties in their marriage. At some time, her husband was left stranded when photos of him with some strippers emerged in the public entities. Mrs Jones managed to keep her cool. She further said that Jerry Jones should enjoy his life as he wants to and never had he segregated him with her pressure from the beginning of their life. It is her choice, readability of the situation, commitment and love for her family that has kept her all this time in her relationship and marriage. She also speaks highly of her husband as the partner who helps her in decision-making and most of all knows her as well so they understand each other and never had they set apart from their life.

Eugenia Jones Career Details

Eugenia Jones has made some great achievements in her life. She is very much passionate about her art, education, and making her collection shown and known to everybody she knows and beyond. Eugenia is a member of the Cultural Trust Board of Texas. She has worked at the Meadows School of the Arts as a co-chairperson. With her leadership capabilities, she ordered artists to create different styles and various arts for the AT&T Stadium to increase the charm and viewership of the fan’s experience in the stadium. This collection of art has made the Dallas Cowboys popular among the world of them. Dallas Cowboys Art Collection has become very prosperous only through the efforts of Eugenia Jones.

How Did Jerry Jones And Eugenia Jones Meet?

Jerry first met his wife Eugenia at the University of Arkansas when he was on a blind date. She was in her first year at the University, and Jerry Jones was the football captain at that time. It was at this institution that they met each other on a blind date. Eugenia had very much heard of her friends cheering and talking about Jerry Jones, but she had no idea who Jerry was. Therefore, Eugenia requested her friends to move with her on her first date. Jerry and Eugenia had dinner together, and then both of them joined their friends at a state fair. While other people were winning their dates teddy bears, Jerry Jones could not manage to give her anything. However, he went ahead and bought a new one for her. This way they started their dating life and they ended up in marriage after some years.

Eugenia Jones Family Details

Jerry Jones and his wife have two sons and a daughter. Their names are; Stephen, Charlotte, and Jerry Jr. Eugenia are also blessed with many grandkids from her three children. Stephen is married to Karen. Together, the couple has four children whose names are: Jessica, Jordan, Caroline, and John Stephen. Charlotte is the only daughter of Jerry and Eugenia Jones and she is 51 years old. Charlotte is wedded to Shy Anderson, and together they have two sons and a daughter. The two sons are Shy and Paxton while the daughter’s name is Haley. Jerry Jr. is the last child of Jerry and Eugenia Jones. Jerry Junior’s wife is Lory.

Eugenia Jones Net Worth

It’s estimated that, however, she does charities and social giving, her entrepreneurship skills lead her to have many fortunes and her net worth is estimated to be $4 billion.


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