Meet Karen Huger Husband Raymond Huger. Know His Bio,Age, Net Worth, Salary

Raymond Huger is the inspiration for persons who are struggling in their early career life. He proved that hard working and patience can change the course of your life at any time if you are determined.

Raymond Huger is an 70 year old American entrepreneur and more popular for being the husband of the real housewives of potomac star Karen Huger. He is CEO of Paradigm Solutions international Incorporation.

Raymond is also known as “Black Bill Gates”. If you are more curious to know about this idol person, you will find everything about Karen Huger’s better half Raymond Huger in this article.

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Raymond Huger Relationship And Family Status

He married pretty lady karen Huger in 1996. They maintain their happy marriage life for more than two decades. They are parents of two children, a son named Brandon and a daughter named Ravyn. In 22 years of marriage life they always support each other in all situations.

Karen did not marry a millionaire but she built it. She never intended to marry a millionaire and in fact Raymond was not a millionaire in that time. Rather she found Raymond with the necessary qualities and supported him in every way to become what Raymond is now today. She stopped her career for 17 years to support her husband and family. Since their marriage they perfectly manage their relationship and responsibilities.

Karen Huger has a good background as she is an established entrepreneur too. She is performing in a famous tv program.

Raymond Huger Career Details

Raymond Huger started his career in IBM corporation for a post of senior executive. He served here for 25 years with great performance. Here, he was monitoring the new business and partnerships of this company.

After 25 years, he started his own business and his company name is Paradigms Solutions. In february 2007 he left the company and started another new company named Paradigm solutions international Incorporation. Now he is the CEO and chairman of his company.

Raymond Huger Net Worth

Raymond Huger is a successful business person and American representative. The net worth is around 40 millions dollar as of 2020. But the company earning 60 million dollar is the big source of his net worth.

Raymond Huger Education Details

Raymond is a business graduate having completed BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) and MBA (Master of Business Administration) degrees. He completed his BBA from Baruch College, Manhattan, New York. And later he pursued his MBA from Fordham University, Bronx, New York.

Raymond Huger Social Media Engagement

Raymond Huger’s wife is quite popular in social media like instagram and she has at least 220K followers in instagram. On the contrary, Raymond is totally inactive in social media platforms and doesn’t have any accounts in twitter, facebook, instagram- which is quite surprising. But thanks to his wife for regularly sharing their updates on Instagram.

Raymond Huger Business Awards

Raymond is a very talented person and he uses his talent very efficiently in his own business. In recognition of his brilliant performance in business, he has been nominated a number of times for different accolades to the professional world. Raymond was declared as a top entrepreneur for two consecutive years, 2004 and 2005, by US Black Engineer and Information Technology. Not just only that, you may become surprised to know that Raymond was honorarily awarded a degree for his outstanding work to information technology innovations from the University of District of Columbia.

And let me share another interesting fact with you. Along with his wife Karen, he has appeared in “The Real Housewives of Potomac” which is a reality based TV show by the way.

Rumors And Scandals On Raymond Huger

In terms of rumors and scandals, one must agree that Raymond has maintained his personal and professional life very carefully and honestly. Till now he is maintaining a clean slate regarding any rumors and scandals. Raymond has never confronted a serious scandal in his professional or personal life to date. It seems like he is completely devoted to his work and nothing else. This might be another reason why his marriage with Karen lasted for so long and still rolling beautifully.


Raymond Huger born on 17 october in 1946 in America. His ethnicity is African-American and nationality is America. He is 73 years old and a strong person now.

Raymond’s height is 5 feets and 7 inches long and weight is 70 kg. He has black eyes and hair is salt and pepper colour.

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