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Meet Krystle Amina Husband Wil Willis. What Is His Age, Career, Net Worth?

The right weapon could well mean the difference between life and death. Wil Willis is a weapons expert, a 4-year Army man, and a former pararescue guy for the Air Force where he served for 10 years. The American actor and author is famous for involvement in the tv shows: Special Ops Mission, Forged in Fire, and Triggers: Weapons That Changed Today.
If you’re looking for his bio, net worth, career, and marriage life then you’ve come to the right place. This article summarizes all you need to know about the American celebrity Wil Willis and his life with Krystle.

Wil Willis Bio: Age, Siblings, Early Life

45-year-old Wil Willis was born in a military camp in Portugal. He was born in February 1975. He has 4 siblings; 2 brothers and 2 sisters though not much is known about them and their whereabouts. Willis was with his father Jakob Willis while he grew up in the military bases until 1991. After his dad’s retirement, Wil and the rest of the family moved to LA.

Wil Willis Education Details

Willis completed his education in 1993, then joined the military. Not much is known about his education background. However, he was a great student who never focused on school.

Wil Willis Height And Weight

The former military man Wil Willis stands at 1.8 m tall. His weight is not available at the moment but being a military man, Willis has kept his body in good shape.

Wil Willis Career Details

Wil Willis is a man of vast knowledge in military equipment and training. He joined the military in 1993 in his attempt to continue his father’s legacy. Wil’s inspiration to join the military came from his father. He had just completed AIT basic training at this time. After completing the R.I.P (Ranger Indoctrination Program), he was assigned the task of a Co. 3d Battalion ranger Regt which he served until 1998.

Later, Willis joined the Airforce as pararescue personnel in a 10-man team. He served until 2007 March and then left to pursue other opportunities. It seems he had a calling for television where he displayed his solid knowledge of weaponry.

In 2009, Wil Willis landed his first job in the Special Ops Mission series. The show had only 6 episodes and ended the same year. 2 years later, Wil Willis later got a job at Triggers: Weapons That Changed The World. He was involved in testing a number of weapons until the show ended after 2 seasons.

In 2015, Willis was hired as a presenter for the reality show “Forged In Fire”. This show featured the forging of blades, and the winning blade received a $10,000 reward.
2002 came in hot for Wil Willis. He became a weapons instructor.

Wil Willis Marriage Details

Wil Willis lives in California. A while ago, the couple played it cool with little information about them. Since Will got into tv the couple has had a hard time keeping a low profile. Today he lives with his wife Krystle Amina and his children in LA, California. Wil and Krystle got engaged in March 2017 and in October the same year, they got married. Wil and Krystle love each other very much. They’ve taken to Instagram to post their photos. One remarkable moment was their engagement photo which really captured their romantic moment.

Krystle was Wil’s long time girlfriend. Before her, Wil was in another relationship where he had 2 kids. On 23rd Feb 1998, they had a firstborn son. Two years later in 2001 January, they had their second son. Krystle has yet to welcome her own babies. Wil has been secretive on matters of his personal life with Krystle Amina. He only shares photos with her and the things they do together. However, he admits that she’s awesome and tough.

Wil Willis Net Worth

During his service as a pararescue military man, Willis had an annual salary above $35,000. Today, his estimated net worth is over $1 million. His career as a tv personality has been a milestone in gaining popularity.

People call him the ‘Swiss Knife’ thanks to his weapon handling and tactical skills. In service, he gained quite some experience with weapons especially blades.

Wil Willis has a ton of ammunition and guns in his collection. For 10 years he has done his country a great service. He’s a loving father and a role model to all his fans.

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