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Mike Milbury is someone who is known for his provocative remarks on the NHL teams. There was a time when fans expressed their frustration and desire to argue with the famous sportscaster which eventually came true on April 16 during Florida Panthers Game.

The NBC sports center co-host, Kathryn Tappen, was the one who took on the onus of retaliating against the comments by Milbury. Even though everyone expected the ex-NHL player’s co-host Jeremy Roenick to do the talking but it was Tappen who stepped on the occasion saying

They actually pay you money to make a comment like that, huh?

The comment was not received with a serious flack but it looked like something that had been cooking up for a long time due to Mike’s hurtful remarks.

Mike Milbury Career Details

Mike Milbury has always been known for controversy even while playing in the NHL. He was one of the main man’s of the Rochester Americans in AFL. The team finished third and fourth in 1975 and 1976 after Mike’s effort which pushed them to the penalty minutes.

Mike holds impressive record during his tenure with Boston Bruins. He led the team to consecutive finals in 1977 and 1978 finishing second both the times. As a defenseman, Mike has an impressive 222 penalty minutes in 1981 and 216 in 1983 and achieved 100 plus six other times.

The NHL player is also known for his aggressive attitude. He had been suspended for 6 games for assaulting a spectator by “Slapping him with his shoe”. He carries the same attitude to the game. There was also a time when he was charged with an assault on a minor (a 12-year-old) over a trivial matter.

The controversy as expected is carried even in his coaching career. He was selected to coach the Boston Bruins for a season wherein he delivered the team to a President’s trophy victory which eventually led to him being declared as the ‘Executive of the Year’. This is the only major achievement of his coaching career. He even had a minor stint as a coach of Boston college when ended before even a single game began due to his differences with the athletic department. He then joined New-York Islanders from 1999 to 2007 where he committed blunders in selecting drafts by trading powerful players.

Mike Milbury Net Worth And Salary Details

There was a petition signed by over 10,000 fans for the replacement of Milbury because of controversial remarks. On one occasion he even called a player, ‘A Self-Centered Little Dink’. But none of this has any effect on Milbury as he continues to move forward with the same attitude.

Mike is estimated to possess a net worth of over 20 million dollars. The ex-player takes home a handsome paycheck from his commentating career.

Mike Milbury Unique TV Commentary

On a game day, when St. Louis Blues lost to San Jose Sharks on May 2016, he was quite unimpressed at the approach of several players and made a comment that shook the whole building. He said

“This is so unsatisfying for me as a former coach to watch a player with a slash that doesn’t really hurt him. If you’re going to slash him, crack a bone or something. If you’re going to hit somebody from behind, give him a slight concussion or whatever. I don’t mean that obviously too seriously, but just something!”

Mike found his way up through several professional sports network like NESN, NBC, Versus and Canada’s TSN as an analyst. He also worked as post-analyst for 2 years. The broadcasting of ‘Winters Classic’ also saw his presence. the New England Sports Network (NESN), Hockey Night in Canada and the NHL on NBC have currently employed his as an ice hockey analyst. Mike, unaffected by the controversies against him, continues doing his job with some charisma.

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