Meet Mountain Men Charlie Tucker. Know His Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Married Wife

Charlie Tucker is a man in his old age, attempting the impossible- living a self-reliant life. He has spent lots of time in the wild hunting for food. He has great respect for the outdoors. He owns a wooden cabin which he built all by himself.

Living in a world of technology, easy supply of essentials, medical treatments, and communications makes life easy for us. Humans have always devised ways to make work easier thanks to the growing technology. Every step forward cuts us further away from the environment.

Human beings have been cut off from the natural order and from the grip of mother nature.

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Charlie Tucker Early Life

Charlie Tucker is a man who decided to re-establish himself with nature. He decided to live a life free from packed foods, medical care, and essential supplies. The brave man believes that humans are meant to live in primitiveness, to fend for their food against mother nature.

He joined Mountain Men in 2013 to embark on a journey of self-reliance, though the producers of the show approached him in 2012. This article aims at providing all the information about Charlie Tucker.

Charlie Tucker Age, Height And Weight

Charlie Tucker was born in Maine, USA. That’s all we know for now. He has kept his personal information such as birthdate, exact height, and weight a secret from the public. His parents are unknown, and so is his educational background. Living alone in his cabin he may have wanted to live a low key life before tv producers got to him.

Charlie Tucker Family, Relationship And Marriage

As mentioned earlier, Charlie has kept his life a secret. We do not know about his family, wife, and children. There is no record of his past relationships, children, marriages, or affairs. Hopefully, this information will be available soon.

Charlie Tucker Career Details

Charlie Tucker began his career back in 2013 when he got into season 2 and 3 of Mountain Men. He was living a loner’s life when television caught up with him. The tv producers noticed his stubbornness and decided that he deserved to be on Mountain Men.

Unfortunately, this opportunity was short-lived since Charlie left the show in 2014. Mountain Men featured Charlie Tucker as a man living in Ashland, near the Great North Woods. He’s a fur trapper and he works closely with Jim Dumond. It is believed that Jim Humond introduced Charlie to the producers.

After season 3 which was aired in 2014, Charlie decided to end his tv career permanently. This has brought mixed reactions from his fans, who need answers. Did Charlie leave because he got fired? Or did he decide to look for something else to do? There are many speculations on what really happened but here’s the truth:

Why Did Charlie Tucker Quit Mountain Men?

Rumor has it that Charlie might have found something else. Yes, he wasn’t fired. The reason why Charlie Tucker quit Mountain Men is that he found a new opportunity in business.

He was engaged in the logging business as a licensed contractor. The logging business earned him quite some amount, adding to the net worth. His workplace (located in North Main wood) has over 100,000 visitors every year.

It is said that Charlie left the logging business to focus on survival in the wild. He needed to focus on fur trapping to get food.

Charlie Tucker Net Worth

Charlie’s net worth is estimated at $550,000. His role as a former TV celebrity has little to do with his net worth figure. Most of Charlie’s income is generated from his logging business. He is also a fur trapper during the cold seasons.

Charlie Tucker has kept so much information hidden from the limelight. However, the main point of concern was why he left Mountain Men. People keep secrets for many reasons and it’s not wrong to do so. In due time we hope that more about Charlie the “loner” will be available.


Charlie has taught most of his fans a valuable lesson about life. In his old age, he has taught the value of reconnecting with nature and living a life free from the ties of this world. By believing in himself, Charlie has proven that man can survive in the wild just like the other species. We can conquer the wild and provide for ourselves.

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